Jason Momoa’s New Shark Week Is a Musical

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Credit: Warner Bros.

Jason Momoa is set to host the 35th Annual Shark Week for Discovery Channel, which is some pretty excellent synergy for the venerable cable channel and its new parent company, Warner Bros Discovery. The Aquaman actor is already inextricably linked to the ocean, so it would make sense that the more science-based arm of the company would draft Momoa to one of its most popular events.

jason momoa as dante in Fast X
Credit: Universal

However, as logical as it is that the recent Fast X star would show up for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, we were not expecting this particular direction for the week-long celebration of all things aquatic and deadly. 

Jason Momoa Conducts Sharks Like an Orchestra

The first promo for the Jason Momoa Shark Week has been released, and it shows the DC Extended Universe star essentially conducting a collection of Great White Sharks like a full classical orchestra, enthusiastically punctuating the giant fish (they’re fish, right?) as they breach the water with huge dramatic splashes. Although sharks are generally known for breaching the surface of the water in order to hunt prey animals like seals, it is probably fair to assume they would also do so for Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis.

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Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Credit: Warner Bros.

The promo video begins with Jason Momoa striding on a deserted beach toward the camera, clad in a red shirt and khaki pants, where he begins theatrically gesticulating toward the water, set to the sounds of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

Although the entire concept behind the show is for TV viewers to be astounded and horrified by the terrifying abilities of the most deadly predator of the ocean, the Jason Momoa Shark Week promo is pretty much formatted as a light-hearted musical.

As the Fast X actor commands the sharks to frolic, it is very noticeable that there is a distinct rainbow in the sky behind him, and eventually, Jason Momoa even bursts into a wild solo dance along the beach. Again, we were not particularly expecting that this year’s Shark Week would be quite so musical, but it’s not a terrible choice for Discovery Channel by any means.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Credit: Warner Bros.

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Aside from his new gig hosting Shark Week for Discovery, Jason Momoa will soon be reprising his DC superhero role in the frequently-delayed Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. He will also be returning as the villainous Dante Reyes in the upcoming Fast X: Part 2.


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