Indiana Jones Passing the Torch to Former Sidekick

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Ke Huy Quan (Short Round) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)

Credit: Lucasfilm

He’s opened the Ark of the Covenant, he’s crossed swords with a demonic cult, and he’s even held the Cup of Christ. You’d think after so many exciting and dangerous adventures, Dr. Jones would want to hang up the fedora and rest on his laurels for a while. As Harrison Ford returns for one last crusade as the famous archeologist in The Dial of Destiny, Disney might want to consider passing the torch.

Harrison Ford as Indiana jones
Credit: Disney

There has been some speculation about Ford being replaced by Chris Pratt, fresh off his stint as Star- Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, but a more realistic and probable choice might be right under Hollywood’s nose. More importantly, Disney and Lucasfilm could very much make it happen.

Ke Huy Quan as the Next Indiana Jones

The actor Ke Huy Quan now and then starring as Shortround in Indiana Jones.
Credit: Getty Images/Everett Collection

Fresh out of his Oscar-winning performance in A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once, Ke Huy Quan could potentially be the star of the next Indiana Jones adventure. Considering that his breakout role in Hollywood was in Temple of Doom as Indy’s sidekick, Short Round, Quan could take up the fedora after 2023’s Dial of Destiny.

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While nothing has been officially written in stone at this time, how incredible would it be if the actor went full circle and returned to the role that ignited his film career? An adult Short Round would be a phenomenal way to not only conclude the iconic action-packed series, but start a whole new franchise in the process.

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Although some might want to see Shia LaBeouf return as Mutt Williams, Indy had much more of an established relationship with his young protege than his leather-clad offspring. Not only that, but Quan’s star power would definitely warrant some major appeal for Disney and Lucasfilm. A film or series concerning Short Round after his time with Indiana Jones or inheriting the character’s position in a new slew of adventures through the ’50s and ’60s would have fans absolutely magnetized.

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