Hayden Christensen Doesn’t Want His Daughter to See Darth Vader

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There is no villain more iconic than Darth Vader, and now, no villain is more brutal than Darth Vader. When the Dark Lord of the Sith came roaring back into our lives in Rogue One (2016), we finally understood why he had been so feared in the Star Wars universe. Hayden Christensen returned to showcase Vader’s brutality and hatred in Obi-Wan, adding another layer to the villain. That is why he has been barring his daughter from seeing his portrayal of the character.

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Darth Vader became iconic when he first appeared in A New Hope in 1977. Since then, plenty of stories have been told in the Legends and current canon continuity of Star Wars. However, it wasn’t until Rogue One that we all truly saw Vader do what he does best—completely wreck an entire platoon of rebels without thinking twice about it.

The prequel movies did show some of this same brutality, though it was off-screen. Part of Anakin’s fall to the dark side included slaughtering many younglings attempting to become Jedi. It is arguably one of the most disturbing scenes in the Star Wars movies, though it was only implied.

This could be why Hayden Christensen is now barring his daughter from seeing him portray such a brutal character.

Hayden Christensen Is “Dragging His Feet”

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Hayden Christensen and Diego Luna sat down with one another to discuss their careers in the Star Wars universe, and they got on the subject of Christensen returning to portray Darth Vader. During the interview, the actor revealed he has been purposely barring his daughter from seeing him as Darth Vader.

Christensen said, “Have her see me in the [Darth Vader outfit]? Well, hasn’t happened yet. She’s eight now. I don’t know if I can wait much longer. I know I’ve been dragging my feet a little bit. She knows that I’m in Star Wars and that I played this character, but she’s never seen it yet. I’m getting to that. I’m trying to figure out the best sort of point of entry.”

We would certainly imagine it would not be easy to figure out how he can introduce the character to his daughter. Christensen stated that she knows he is in Star Wars, and he was lucky enough to bring her on set for Obi-Wan, but during the flashback scene where he is Anakin Skywalker.

“There are some disturbing scenes I’m reluctant for her to see at this age. But it was really nice getting to do the Obi-Wan show and actually bring her to set. Not when I was in the Darth Vader outfit, but we did the flashback sequence, and I got to play Anakin. She got to see me swing a lightsaber with Ewan [McGregor]. She was very concerned for my well-being. She was afraid that one of us were going to get hurt,” he added.

It is heartwarming that his daughter was concerned that he would be hurt during the lightsaber combat. We would argue that she might not want to see him as Darth Vader during the epic battle in Obi-Wan, where he is pretty much sliced open.

Darth Vader in the Original Trilogy is not as brutal, though he is still menacing. Hayden Christensen could start there, but once his daughter sees the character, she might ask him to see his portrayal, which might not go over so well.

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Hopefully, Hayden Christensen can explain how important the character is, albeit with how brutal he is. Star Wars fans have been incredibly happy that the actor has returned to his most iconic role, though we understand entirely not wanting to show this role to his daughter. If he does show her, maybe skip the part where he goes after the younglings.

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