Guest Climbs Theme Park Attraction to Save Crying Child

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Father scales water slide at theme park

Credit: @TheNuttyFamily1 via TikTok

A desperate parent recently took matters into their own hands to rescue their child at a popular theme park.

As with anything in life, things don’t always go to plan at a theme park. You get stuck in a line, or you fall out with your family, or your favorite ride breaks down for the day – whatever the issue, sometimes the universe has other plans for your scheduled day of fun.

Gullivers World map showing the rapids, slide, castle, drop tower, and wooden coaster
Credit: Gulliver’s World Resort

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One family experienced this fact recently at a popular theme park in the United Kingdom. Gulliver’s World is a family destination in Warrington, Cheshire, designed specifically for Guests aged two to 13 – and off-limits to single adults or groups of adults without children. With everything from a carousel to a wooden roller coaster, it’s the perfect starter theme park for budding thrill fans.

However, one young Guest recently got more of a thrill than they bargained for. Earlier this month, a female Guest celebrating her sixth birthday got stuck on the Park’s Togo Tower attraction – a water slide in the Safari Kingdom area promising Guests a “thrill” as they “turbo down our three giant waterslides. Get ready for a blast of water if you dare take on the Tower.”

Togo Tower slides at Gulliver's World Resort
Credit: Gulliver’s World Resort

Usually, a theme park’s staff easily retrieves Guests stuck on these kinds of rides. In this case, the Guest’s father – frustrated by the wait – took matters into their own hands and climbed up the slide to save the young child himself.

“Sienna was upset and was crying on the boat, and we could see she was frightened,” the Guest’s mother, Emma Reece, told The Daily Mail. “The staff had called for help over the radio, but it was taking too long. The sun was beaming down on her, and she was scared. Her dad suggested climbing up the water slide, and I said he can’t because he will slide back down. But… Andrew being Andrew, he went up to save our daughter.”

Togo Tower sign at Gulliver's World
Credit: Gulliver’s World Resort

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A video shared on the family’s TikTok page shows the father, named as Andrew Reece, walking through the water at the base of the theme park ride before scaling the slope and getting into the raft with his daughter. He then nudged it forwards until the pair slid down safely to the end of the slide.


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“He was our hero, and Sienna was so pleased her dad had gone up to rescue her,” the Guest’s mother added.

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