‘Futurama’ Revival Will Tackle Covid, Crypto, and ‘Dune’

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Hulu is set to bring back Futurama, the animated show from longtime Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Though the crew is back in all-new episodes, they will take on more topical subjects like Covid, Crypto, and Dune (2020).

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Futurama hasn’t exactly been the show to tackle more topical humor, but it appears the revival plans to do just that. The teaser trailer initially only showcased some quick shots of the Planet Express crew and some of the best secondary characters. Nibbler, Mom, Zapp Branigan, and Robot Santa Claus got brief highlights.

However, Hulu has now released a full trailer, which gives fans a bit more to think about regarding the revival. Though the show has promised to return and address long-lost storylines from the original run, we will also laugh at some of the more contemporary subjects that many humorous properties have tackled.

Interestingly, one of the quick instances from the trailer showcases the Futurama crew running from a giant worm that bares a striking resemblance to the sand worms from Dune.

‘Futurama’ Will Make Fun of Covid, Crypto, and ‘Dune’

During the above trailer, one of the stories Futurama will return to is that of the worms that had entered Fry’s body way back in Season 3.

During the episode, Fry eats an egg salad sandwich, which gives him worms. Instead of the worms doing something that might hurt the man, they provide him with physical and mental upgrades. However, the crew travels into Fry’s body to retrieve the worms, despite Leela’s loving the way Fry turned into the man she always wanted.

Those same worms are back in the above trailer, though Bender obliterates one with a laser gun. In another shot of what appears to be the same sandworms from Dune, we see the same weaponry, meaning Futurama will be poking fun at one of the biggest films from 2020.

It also appears that the show will echo the year of our real lives in 2020. Farnsworth is speaking to the Planet Express crew when he speaks about a “virus” that has rocked the universe. However, in typical Futurama style, he jams a long Q-tip up his nose to determine if he has been hit with what we imagine is the futuristic version of Covid-19.

One of the other topical subjects the show will handle is the boom of the cryptocurrency fad that rocked the world for a brief period. However, it appears that the world of crypto is made to sound like the Wild West, with Leelas stating that it’s “Pretty lawless out here in Crypto Country.”

Though the above trailer leans more heavily into the topical humor that was listed, there are some indications about the classic storylines that will be addressed. We also know that Nibbler’s origins will finally be addressed. He was shown more in the teaser trailer, but the worms, Zapp Branigan and Kif, Robot Santa Claus, and Mother are all back.

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The new Futurama revival is set to premiere on Hulu on July 24, which corresponding episodes released every week. It has been ten years since the show’s last revival, and we hope this one is here to stay.

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