Elliot Page Disappoints Disney Fans With Shocking Admission

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Elliot Page Disappoints Disney Fans; Elliot Page Collage Images

Credit: Inside the Magic

Elliot Page disappoints Disney fans everywhere with a shocking revelation about his personal life. From Juno to X-Men: Days of Future Past, Elliot Page is deeply entwined with Disney. Enthusiastic fans even started a petition to include the actor as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid.

Actor proposed to be Prince Eric before Elliot Page disappoints Disney fans | Credit: @EliErlick
Credit: @EliErlick

And just what is this earth-shattering news? It’s something no one in a relationship wants to hear: infidelity. Elliot Page recently admitted to having a covert relationship with Kate Mara.

Ok, so hush-hush Hollywood relationships are nothing new. Only this one happened while Mara was still married to Max Minghelia. After releasing a memoir, Page detailed their love life, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Elliot Page's Memoir Cover | Credit: @elliotpage
Credit: @elliotpage

Apparently, the affair occurred during the filming of X-Men: Days of Future Past. The tell-all book details that originally, Minghella was supportive of the relationship. Page recalls Mara struggling, as she said “I never thought I could be in love with two people and now I know I can.”

It’s no secret that love is a mysterious beast, but Elliot Page disappoints Disney fans by showing a new side of his character. Coming to light during Pride month doesn’t help either, with the risk of cheating stigma transferring to the whole LGBTQ+ community.

Page aimed to become an ambassador for the LGBTQ+ community. A Canadian actor from Nova Scotia, there is plenty of opportunity to battle stereotypes. There are ways to use this platform for good, it looks like the memoir might be trying, despite all the buzz.

Parties to Elliot Page Scandal | Credit: Mega
Credit: Mega

When becoming a public figure, whether through roles on Disney or in the form of an influencer, responsibility comes along. The question is how an actor can use it properly. Sure, Elliot Page disappoints fans with this announcement, but is it for honesty, publicity, or a lesson for others rooted in personal experience? Only time will tell.

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