Disney Park Gets Rid of Popular Experience, Ruined by Entitled Guests

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Disneyland Paris Guests will soon say “au revoir” to a beloved magical experience at the French Disney Park.

Trips to Disneyland Park (Paris), Walt Disney Studios Park, and Disney Village are inarguably expensive. Affording souvenirs on top of food, Disney Park tickets, Resort hotel stays, and Disney Premier Access is out of reach for many families. And unfortunately, the former EuroDisney just removed one of the few remaining freebies for Disney Resort Guests.

As part of an unadvertised “magical moment,” Disney Cast Members would sometimes give young Guests a Pilot’s Certificate aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland Park. Though Disneyland Paris never publicly commented on the discontinuation of this experience, Reddit user u/ThePatrioticMan confirmed it was no more on a recent visit:

Disneyland got rid of Mark Twain certificate 

Disneyland got rid of Mark Twain certificate
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“My most recent trip to Disneyland I asked a cast member if the certificate is still available and they said they don’t do it anymore,” the Guest wrote.

Many Disney Parks fans pointed out that Guests have come to expect random acts of magic due to unrealistic expectations portrayed on social media. They argued that entitlement ultimately led Disneyland Paris to get rid of another small but memorable experience.

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“People have come to expect them now,” said u/BroadwayCatDad. “It isn’t the ‘little bit of unexpected magic’ that it used to be. Guests have been going up to the pilots and demanding them. People can’t play nice.”

“If people are going up and demanding them from Cast Members, it’s starts to become an issue,” u/formerretailmom agreed. “The magic isn’t there if you can just go up and ‘give my certificate!’ And if they run out, people get belligerent these days. It’s not worth the headache. Especially for something that isn’t making Disney money.”

Have you ever gotten an S.S. Mark Twain Pilot’s Certificate at Disneyland Paris? Share your experience with Inside the Magic in the comments.

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