Marvel Officially Delays ‘Avengers,’ ‘Blade,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ and More

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Marvel studios logo on a bold red background, symbolizing the powerhouse of superhero films, now suffers more massive cuts.

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Marvel has steadily been figuring out its release slate since Dinsey CEO Bob Iger returned and promised a different plan for the MCU. However, now that the WGA strike is ongoing, we imagine that release dates will be further shifted—as there is no end in sight for the protests and strike the writers of the show business world have been engaging in. Now, Marvel has officially announced it has delayed many huge titles.

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When Bob Iger returned to head up Disney, his earnings call painted a picture of uneasiness at the global media company. The idea of “superhero fatigue” did not sit well, either. Fans appeared to have enough of the MCU, which is quite shocking. Though most releases still held favorable audience reception, their overall performance was not up to Disney’s desired standard.

Shows like She-Hulk and movies like Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania were met with disdain that had never been seen before. It might have been because the MCU was pumping out releases far quicker than they ever have, and that has since changed.

The name of the game became “quality over quantity,” and though Marvel laid out their Phases 5 and 6 schedules for the world to see at San Diego Comic-Con, things have rapidly changed. Titles had already been delayed, like the much-maligned Blade movie, but now that movie is joined by several others, proving that the MCU is changing its game plan completely.

Marvel Delays ‘Avengers,’ ‘Blade,’ and More

From the above tweet by industry insider Scott Gustin, there is much to unpack regarding release dates being shifted around. Though we know there is a lot to unpack, we will go through the multitude of big Marvel titles that have new dates:

Captain America: Brave New World was set to release on 5/3/2024 and moves to 7/26/2024. This is not entirely upsetting and gives Marvel more time to polish this upcoming sequel.

Thunderbolts was set to release on 7/26/2024 and has shifted to 12/20/2024. This is rough, as the anticipated title has been pushed by nearly a year and one half.

Blade was set to release on 9/6/2024 and is now moving to 2/14/2025. This is not shocking, as Blade has seemingly been stuck in developmental hell since 2019.

Fantastic Four was set for a 2/14/2025 release date but moved to 5/2/2025. This is not a huge difference, which is excellent. We imagine it is being pushed so the search for the cast can be thorough.

Avengers: Kang Dynasty moves from 5/2/2025 to 5/1/2026. We imagine that Marvel could have finally decided to replace Jonathan Majors, allowing the film time to find a suitable replacement.

Avengers: Secret Wars moves from 5/1/2026 to 5/6/2027. Again, this could be because Majors will now need to be replaced.

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Disney has also delayed the releases of the Avatar sequels, but Marvel being hit with so many delays is certainly not a great thing. However, it will give time for the MCU to shift its game plan if that game plan involves replacing Jonathan Majors. It also gives fans more time to breathe and eliminate this dreaded “superhero fatigue.”

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