‘Beetlejuice’ Sequel Will Be “Exactly” Like the First Movie, Says Keaton

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Michael Keaton as Beetljuice

Credit: Warner Bros.

Fans have been waiting for a sequel to Tim Burton’s 1988 Beetlejuice for decades.

Time and again rumors have popped up stating that the movie was in production, had announced its cast, or received a release date with nothing actually in sight. Finally, it was confirmed earlier this year that Beetlejuice 2 was officially, officially in the works, with Winona Ryder returning as Lydia Deetz and Michael Keaton reprising his role as Beetlejuice. Jenna Ortega has signed on to play Lydia’s daughter and Tim Burton is once again directing.

Michael Keaton in 'Beetlejuice' (1988)
Credit: Warner Bros.

In a recent interview with Empire, Keaton reveals that he and Burton have been discussing it and trying to move forward with the project for years. “We’ve both said we’re doing it many times,” he stated. As much as the fans have loved the movie over the last several decades, it’s clear that Keaton and Burton enjoyed working on it just as much. “Beetlejuice is the most f–kin’ fun you can have working. It’s so fun, it’s so great,” the actor said. “It’s the most fun I’ve had working on a movie in I can’t tell you how long.”

Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin as The Maitlands in Beetlejuice
Credit: Warner Bros.

Keaton goes on to assure fans that the sequel will be done “exactly like we did the first movie.” He and Burton agreed to keep it true to the whimsy and off-the-wall hilarity of the first film, stating that they’ll be “making stuff up, making stuff happen, improvising and riffing” but also that much of the set and props will be “handmade.”

Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), Adam (Alec Baldwin), and Barbara (Geena Davis)
Credit: Warner Brothers

In an era where studios are constantly trying to outdo each other in terms of “realistic” but fantastic CGI, practical effects are few and far between. With Keaton’s reassurances that things will be built and created by hand, it’s not only refreshing but reassuring to fans who grew up on the original movie.

Catherine O'Hara in 'Beetlejuice' (1988)
Credit: Warner Bros.

Burton’s use of make-up, props, puppetry, and stop motion worked hand in hand to deliver a charming and hilarious movie that’s still standing the test of time, especially as audiences grow tired of the CGI movement and reliance on poorly delivered VFXBeetlejuice 2 will debut next September and is already proving to be something worth getting excited about.

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