‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Star Sarah Silverman Announces Personal Loss

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Sarah Silverman in the documentary Laughing Matters

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While life is usually sweet for Vanellope von Schweetz, things have been more complicated for the voice behind the digital candy princess. Actress, writer, and comedian Sarah Silverman made a sad announcement after a week filled with not one but two personal losses.

Sarah Silverman speaking at a Wreck-It Ralph panel
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Known for her crude and taboo sense of humor, Sarah Silverman got her start in stand-up comedy before spending a year on Saturday Night Live (1975-present). Since then, she has starred in multiple critically acclaimed shows and movies, including The Sarah Silverman Program (2007-2010), Wreck-It Ralph (2012), Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018), and School of Rock (2003). She has also written a best-selling memoir, The Bedwetter (2010).

Silverman has won two Primetime Emmy Awards and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for her dramatic turn in I Smile Back (2015).

Sarah Silverman has often said that her biggest supporter and inspiration was her father, Donald Silverman, who always had a very dark sense of humor. Unfortunately, the comedian announced on her Instagram account that her father had passed away.

Sarah Silverman Says Goodbye To Her “Best Pal, Schleppy”

Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) looking sad in Wreck-It Ralph
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In an Instagram post, Sarah Silverman sadly revealed that her father had passed away only a few days after his wife, Janice Silverman.

“My best pal, Schleppy – my dad, died last night. All the sisters and grandkids surrounded him with love and singing and very dark f–ked up jokes his final week. But ultimately, he wanted to be with his love, Janice, who we lost last Monday.”

Sarah silverman and her dad, Donald Silverman
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Silverman continued, “No shiva- if you wanna do something, please donate to @2ndnurture ❤️ He always said he was the richest man in the world because of his family, and he was.”

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