Stay or Go: Memorial Day with the Mouse

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Visiting Disney on the holidays can make for an incredibly magical experience, but they can also be the source of tremendous headaches and unneeded stress in the place where dreams come true. Since Memorial Day is a three day weekend and thousands of people will be flocking to Walt Disney World in the next few days, many are still deciding whether or not to attend.

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On one hand, the holiday presents an opportunity to gather together with friends, family, and the magic of Disney. Conversely, the Parks will be swamped with crowds in the summer heat, which can instantly drain the fun out of any trip to the Disney Parks. This weekend, the question on many minds is likely, “Should we or shouldn’t we?”

Memorial Day at Walt Disney World: Pros and Cons

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As with any other time of the year, there are more than enough reasons to visit Walt Disney World this holiday weekend. The Florida temperatures are bearable this early in summer, Disney Park Guests will arrive in time for the EPCOT Flower and Garden Show, and Memorial Day presents most would-be visitors with an opportunity in their busy schedules to go to Disney in the first place. That all being said, it might also be one of the worst times to visit the Parks.

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Although Disney’s advertising and marketing make visiting during holidays and long weekends look positively magical, but they don’t show the hassle and struggle that comes with dealing with enormous crowds who also want a piece of the magic. Summer break and the winter holidays are some of the busiest seasons on Disney World’s calendar, adding a weekend to that mix doesn’t exactly help.

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Seasoned Disney Park visitors know that visiting on the weekends is diving head-first into an ocean of crowds. Weekends are dense with Florida locals visiting places like the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios, and can make wait times and travel an absolute slog.

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While it’s certainly a popular time to visit Disney World, Memorial Day Weekend might not be the ideal time for most to make the journey. Although they might not have the time off they do with the three-day weekend, Guests might have a better experience if they went later in the week.

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