Ray Stevenson Remembered in Tribute From His Last Director

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Star Wars and Marvel actor Ray Stevenson tragically passed away on May 22, 2023, at 58. The director of his final film, Peter Soos, wrote a letter paying a heartfelt tribute to the late actor from Northern Ireland.

Ray Stevenson as Governor Scott in RRR
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Ray Stevenson was an Irish actor who had become an iconic presence in action movies and television series. Some of his most memorable roles include Titus Pullo in Rome (2005-2007), Roger Wesley in The Other Guys (2010), Porthos in The Three Musketeers (2011), Isaak Sirko in Dexter (2012), Firefly in G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013), Ohthere of Halogaland in Vikings (2020), Marcus Eaton in the Divergent series, and the villainous Governor Scott Buxton in the Academy Award-winning film RRR (2022).

Stevenson also played a variety of roles in Marvel and Star Wars properties. He starred as Frank Castle/Punisher in Punisher: War Zone (2008) and The Super Hero Squad Show (2009). He also played Volstagg in the Thor movies and voiced Gar Saxon in Star Wars Rebels (2016-2017) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2020).

One of his final movies set to release this year is 1242: Gateway to the West (2023). In tribute to the actor and his friend, the film’s director, Peter Soos, has written an emotional tribute to the late actor.

Peter Soos To Ray Stevenson: “We All Fell Under a Spell of Your Overwhelming Vitality.”

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In one of his final roles, Ray Stevenson replaced Kevin Spacey as Cardinal Cesereani in 1242: Gateway to the West, working with director Peter Soos. The two were planning a prequel to the film starring Stevenson’s character before he passed away. Soos wrote a touching letter on behalf of the entire 1242 team in tribute to the late actor. Here it is in full:

On Monday night, on the way home by plane from Cannes, I received the news that you had left us. Only now can I find the words to speak.

I have realised the overwhelming weight of the responsibility that has fallen upon me with our work together on what is surely your last feature film. I will do my very best to honour this. I have before me an image of you on set analysing Cesareani’s character with passion. You loved playing him and we had even begun to plan a prequel film about the Cardinal.

Ray Stevenson in his final role with director Peter Soos
Credit: Peter Soos

During the time we spent together on both sides of the camera, I came to experience how passionately you act, how passionately you live; how much you love to act and live. Everywhere you went on set, in the hotel, there was laughter all around. In just a moment we all fell under the spell of your overwhelming vitality. You were adored by everybody. It was an honour to make a film with you.

Your last line in the film was, “I shall be with you!” I’ve got your message. I promise you, that’s how it will be.


1242: Gateway to the West is expected to release on November 16, 2023.

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