Live Streamer Ruins Guest Ride Experience at Universal

in Universal Studios Hollywood

Live streamer on Jurassic World The Ride

Theme parks have seen an increase in influencers using their Parks to content like social media posts, TikTok videos, and live streams.

Disney and Universal have both had to deal with various issues involving influencers, including Guests trying out viral ride “hacks,” creators live streaming in the Parks after Park close, or major meet-ups taking over entire areas of a Park. Recently, another live stream has been shared on Twitter as people call for an end to influencer culture.

Guests riding Flight of the Hippogriff in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood
Credit: Universal

The video was shared to Twitter by @JennyENicholson along with the caption, “This live streamer is seriously screaming to his chat over the dinosaurs.” The post shows the original video, which is a live stream of Universal Hollywood’s Jurassic World-The Ride. The video cuts through several different parts of the attraction as the creator constantly shouts out his chat, thanking viewers for joining, welcoming viewers, and creating hype by shouting “let’s go! MVPs in the chat!”

The comments on the post strongly criticize the live streamer, with @ImpishMATT saying, “ya gotta know when to turn it off. I would be so upset to be on the same boat as this dude.” “Live streamers really are the worst type of park guest,” claims @ThatNerdTim. Many comments point out how disappointing or upsetting it would be for those who were riding for the first, or only, time while having to listen to that.

Jurassic world the ride
Credit: Theme Park Shark

One comment from @MartyMcFlysss states that they’re “shocked that no team members stopped him,” recalling that they experienced something similar once and the attraction was stopped until the Guest put their phone away. As complaints about theme park influencers are on the rise, it’s certainly showing a different side to Park Guests. As @tdv92 wonders, “lately I’m wondering if vloggers and influencers actually add anything to the park experience.”

Jurassic world the ride
Credit: Theme Park Shark

Disney and Universal especially seem to draw a large amount of social media influencers, theme park specific or not. While they bring a lot of attention and potential Guests to the Parks, they also bring a lot of criticism, complaints, and issues. Influencer culture has only really skyrocketed in the last few years thanks to the pandemic, especially on TikTok.

Disney Influencers are ruining the magic

It’s possible that it’s early enough in the industry that companies like theme parks are still trying to navigate the situation in a way the best benefits all parties. In the meantime, just have some respect for your fellow Guests, and don’t be that guy.

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