Fans Demand Guests Stop Harassing Actors in Response to Latest Universal Attraction Rumor

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With so much speculation happening about this year’s Universal Halloween Horror Nights events, several ideas have been suggested for what this year could include. As of yet, the only house officially confirmed is Chucky, which was confirmed before the end of last year’s Halloween Horror Nights. While there’s been nothing beyond that, the official Halloween Horror Nights social media channels have been teasing fans, including several cryptic videos with a lot of static, symbols, and barely-there images.

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Each year Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort hold Halloween Horror Nights, an after-hours and separately ticketed event featuring several haunted houses, scare zones, shows, and other spooky offerings for horror fans. The ideas are a mix of original concepts, like last year’s Hellblock Horror and Spirits of the Coven, and IPs, like Halloween and Universal Monsters. Fans rally early every year to share rumors, speculation maps, and possible ideas for the upcoming HHN season.

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It was reported yesterday that a “trusted HHN insider” thinks another Stranger Things house would be possible for this year. The event has featured two houses based on the hit Netflix show in the past, one in 2018 for the first season, and again in 2019 that combined the second and third seasons. Season 4 of the show was released early last summer and exploded in popularity as fans welcomed back their favorite characters after a long hiatus due to the 2020 pandemic. With the amount of popularity the season received, including fan-favorite Eddie Munson exploding in popularity and causing rumors that he’ll return for the fifth and final season, it’s not unlikely that a Stranger Things house could be featured this year.

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In response to the rumor, fans like @savaemazz have taken to Twitter to demand that Guests and Universal employees “protect those Eddie scare actors with everything y’all got.” The fan reactions to Eddie (and by proxy Joseph Quinn, who portrayed the character) online and at various conventions were various stages of frenzy and adoration, but often bordered on harassment. During the 2018 season when the first season was portrayed, the event had issues with fans harassing the actors playing other fan favorite, Steve Harrington. From inappropriate touching to trying to catch actors in between breaks, the actors faced a lot of harassment during the event.

With the fan reaction to Eddie already setting a precedent, several people have responded to the post begging people to behave and asking Universal to be aware. “I’m talking house attendants literally right next to the boo holes. Idec if it’ll be ‘bad show,'” @savaemazz continued. Others suggested security detail or cameras throughout the house to ensure the security and safety of the actors. “I’ve been saying this for so long, please keep those actors up AWAY from guests,” begged @unhingedmuppet. Several suggested that the best inclusion for the character would be the iconic “Master of Puppets” scene where Eddie can be placed on a trailer, away from Guests who may try to touch him.

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While the thread focuses on the HHN scare actors, @unhingedmuppet mentions a Loki character actor in Disneyland, saying “he had to take a break at one point cuz of the harassment if i remember correctly.” There have been several reports of harassment from former Disney princess performers, including being touched inappropriately, and even masked performers saying they’ve been hit in the head or otherwise attacked by Guests. At the end of the day, while each actor does their best to bring their characters to life and give magical (or terrifying) interactions with each Guest, they’re real people who deserve to be treated with respect. While nothing has been confirmed from Universal or Halloween Horror Nights yet, if they are considering a Stranger Things house this year, hopefully they consider actor safety first and foremost.

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