‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Accidentally Committing Crimes to Catch Up

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Some families are trying to see Star Wars like everyone else, but a new problem is causing fans to get into legal trouble without realizing it.

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Star Wars has a lot of shows and movies now. Before Disney, it was pretty simple. There were six movies and only a handful of animated Star Wars projects for kids. Any fan could watch these and read up on the books they wanted and have a very good understanding of what was happening in the universe.

Now, Disney has made the franchise explode with content. Some projects are amazing, like Diego Luna’s Andor and The Mandalorian, but others haven’t received the same amount of praise, such as The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Since most of these shows are on Disney+, fans who love Star Wars but don’t give Disney more money than they have to don’t see any new shows.

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Even though these fans are normally clueless to what is happening in Star Wars, they still find some ways to watch Star Wars, and one fan reveals that some older fans might be getting conned after their parents said they ordered Obi-Wan Kenobi on DVD:

my parents don’t have D+ or any streaming service so they watched Obi-Wan with me last time they visited—my dad declared he liked it so much he wanted to buy it, and a couple days later he told me “I ordered Obi-Wan on dvd!” to which I responded “they never released it on dvd??”

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The story continues with the fan checking out the DVD case to see that it’s tough to tell that the pirated copy of the Disney+ series is fake as the artwork and case look authentic. Even the show itself works fairly well. Back then, fans who loved Star Wars would buy the seasons of shows or movies on DVD with no questions asked. Since Disney loves to make money, these fans don’t even consider that the Disney+ exclusive wouldn’t be available for DVD purchase.

While pirating a series isn’t the worst criminal offense, it’s still something that fans might be doing without realizing it. Disney+ series might be the selling factor for fans to stay caught up with Star Wars and Marvel, but this issue of pirated copies won’t go away. While most fans might be fine subscribing to Disney+, more casual fans might think Disney made some limited copies of the series that they can buy online and watch later. Pirating Disney+ series isn’t new, as The Mandalorian turned out to be the most pirated series of 2020 when it was first released.

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