“Disney’s Greatest Villain” Gets Comic Series

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Disney Villains

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Disney is responsible for creating some of the most beloved characters in all of fiction. But while there’s more than enough love to go around for characters like Mickey and Minnie, there’s arguably just as much pull (if not more) for the  extensive rogues gallery of Disney villains. As much as we love our heroes and heroines, the villains tend to be much more interesting.

Disney Villains
Credit: Disney

Captain Hook, Jafar, and Ursula the Sea Witch all have their fans, and they even have their own franchise apart from the rest of Disney’s animated cast. As fascinating as these characters are, fans can’t help but wonder how they got to be the villains we know and love to hate today. In response, Disney has provided an answer.

Disney Villains: Scar

Scar on the cover of his solo comic
Credit: Disney and Dynamite Entertainment

On the heels of other projects like Maleficent and Cruella, there has been a newfound love for Disney’s best villains and their shadowy backstories. However, not all have made the transition to film we would like. That doesn’t stop other forms of media from taking the reigns.

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One of Disney’s top-tier villains has to be Scar of The Lion King fame. Often viewed as the Loki of the Disney universe, constantly living in his brother’s shadow, Scar has developed just as much of a following as Ursula or Jafar, but his background hasn’t fully been explored… until now.

Image From Scar #1
Credit: Disney and Dynamite Entertainment

Disney Villians: Scar by Chuck Brown and Trevor Fraley takes place just before the events of The Lion King, and displays how Scar’s jealousy and lust for power corrupted his mind and darkened his heart. The artwork is stunning and bound to elicit some ’90s nostalgia as Fraley’s handiwork takes us back to the original character, and the story by Brown puts readers in the mind of who Dynamite Entertainment calls “Disney’s greatest villain.”

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While villains like Frollo might be more realistic, Scar is certainly more relatable and interesting, especially to those who grew up with siblings or as the black sheep of the family. As twisted as Scar is, there is certainly method to his madness. The series is set to get its fourth installment July 12, 2023, but Disney fans can access it on Amazon or wherever comics are sold.

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