NBA Player Snatches Phone From TikToker, Shuts Down Disneyland Live Stream

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NBA Player Robin Lopez walking through the frame of a Disneyland live stream. The livestreamer in another screenshot, discussing how lopez snatched the camera from him

Like many Disney Parks fans, NBA player Robin Lopez didn’t want to be featured on a Disneyland live stream… and he wasn’t afraid to do something about it.

On Tuesday, former TMZ producer and celebrity-focused TikToker @joy.of.everything live-streamed his visit to Disneyland Park for the final operating day of Splash Mountain. He noticed NBA stars Brook and Robin Lopez and quickly zoomed in on the players. At first, the players seemed unbothered by the attention. But things quickly went south after their VIP Tour Guide asked the live streamer not to take photos.

“My dream was to always play in the NBA. I would take the fame and fortune and a little bit of public, you know, people taking pictures,” the live streamer argued in a clip shared to YouTube. “These guys make more money than CEOs of companies.”

Despite the warning, the live streamer continued to film and shout at the brothers. He told another Guest that “they don’t want to be talked to.”

“I’ve already tried,” he said.

Later on, the live streamer saw the Lopezes again and began filming them. A hand, allegedly belonging to Robin Lopez, appears in frame, grabbing the phone from its handheld tripod. The live streamer claims that Lopez shut down his live stream and initially refused to return his phone.

“Robin Lopez just grabbed my phone out of my hand,” the live streamer said. “He exited out of the app. He grabbed my phone! You’re not supposed to do that, dude.”

Splash Mountain at Disneyland on a cloudy day.
Credit: Disney

“I left them alone; I wasn’t even near them,” he continued. He claimed he had to “beg” to get his phone back.

“I don’t stand for that,” he said. “I was being completely respectful, guys. I told him, ‘I’ve been supporting your whole career. I’m here covering Splash Mountain’s final day, and I was doing nothing wrong.’”

The live streamer reported the incident to Disneyland Resort Guest Services, though it’s unknown if they took action.

“You can’t grab someone’s phone out of their hand,” he argued. “That’s actually probably illegal. It just shocked me.”

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