Disney Shuts Down Uncomfortable Moment During Family-Friendly Attraction

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turtle talk with crush

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A video went viral on social media showing a very awkward and uncomfortable interaction in Walt Disney World.

Japan pavilion at EPCOT with the lake and Spaceship Earth in the distance
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While every Park at Walt Disney World is incredible in its own way, EPCOT is truly the most unique. Here, Guests will have fun as well as learn about history, other cultures, and technology. EPCOT was Walt Disney’s passion project, though he saw it in a much different light than what it looks like today in 2023.

EPCOT is full of unique and creative attractions, but one truly takes the cake in terms of creativity.

Turtle Talk with Crush sign at EPCOT in Walt Disney World
Credit: Disney

Turtle Talk With Crush is a popular attraction for all ages at Walt Disney World Resort. Although the engaging experience is primarily aimed at families with younger children, teens, and adults also enjoy attending the Finding Nemo-themed event, which takes place at various times daily at Walt Disney World Resort’s The Seas With Nemo and Friends at EPCOT Park and Disneyland Resort’s Disney California Adventure Park.

Due to the fact that this show allows Guests to talk to Crush in real-time, there’s always a chance for things to go wrong. In the past, we’ve seen kids ask Crush some truly traumatizing questions. Thankfully, the Disney Cast Members who work at this attraction are extremely talented and are able to navigate these tough moments.

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok showing a very uncomfortable moment during this attraction. You can take a look at the video down below:


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During the show, Crush asks Guests in the audience what their favorite foods are. One Guest took this opportunity to make an off-color joke about enjoying turtle soup. Crush was obviously stunned by this answer and quickly turned the uncomfortable moment into a funny quip.

While Disney always encourages Guests to enjoy themselves, it’s best to keep the interactions family-friendly.

What are your thoughts about this video? Have you ever experienced Turtle Talk with Crush?

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