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Goofy poses at Disneyland Paris

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The Disney Meet and Greets at places like Disneyland and Walt Disney World are integral to the Parks’ magical environment. It’s practically a social taboo to visit a Disney Park without getting a hug from Mickey and his friends, but sometimes the character interactions go differently than advertised.

Mickey Mouse raises his hands in greeting outside the Riviera
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Part of what separates the Disney Parks Meet and Greets from the garden-variety mascots you might find at a baseball stadium is how much like their on-screen counterparts they behave. Sometimes that means they are warm, huggable, and friendly, but some characters get a chance to be a bit of a handful. That might sound apt for Disney’s immersion, but it can have varying results.

Disney World Prank Turns Terrifying

The Twlight Zone Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

Part of what makes the rides and attractions at Walt Disney World such successes is the use of theming and atmosphere. It helps Guests get into the mood and story that Disney is trying to tell, and some of the best examples include the Haunted Mansion, Expedition Everest, and Tower of Terror.

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Inspired by the iconic Twilight Zone TV series, the Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios doesn’t exactly need much help to be scary. A decrepit hotel in the Hollywood Hills where five lost souls mysteriously disappeared is certainly an eerie feature, but one Guest received an extra portion of fear before the ride started.


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On most days, Goofy isn’t exactly the most fearsome creature, but not for the mom walking with her son past the Tower of Terror entrance. If the TikTok above is to be believed, Goofy had to have been lurking in wait for a solid amount of time to find his next victim.

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Naturally, this was all in good fun, and we’d be lying if we said a prankish nature didn’t fit Goofy’s personality. Still, jumpscares aren’t exactly something Disney is known for. At least the performer was quick to get the audience laughing with him to cut the tension short.

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