Fans Divided After Disney Cast Member Defends Child Running Through Restricted Area

in Disneyland Paris

A cartoon Mickey hand points to a little boy climbing through a topiary at Disneyland Paris.

A Disney Cast Member spoke out in defense of a child breaking the rules at Disneyland Paris on Thursday, and Disney Parks fans don’t know how to feel about it.

The original video of a young child running through a Mickey Mouse topiary at the entrance to Disneyland Park (Paris) made the rounds on TikTok, with many calling him disrespectful and asking why his parents didn’t intervene. But former Disney Cast Member Thomas (@dappermanatee) had different thoughts, instead asking for empathy in a difficult situation for a mother and child:


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The former Disney Cast Member said that, in the same situation, he would likely assume it was a neurodivergent child and a parent desperately trying to coax him down without starting a meltdown.

“Does anybody notice the way that he’s running seems a little young for the size he is?” Thomas asked. “And one other thing I’d like to point out. Anybody else notice the person with the red hat trying to coax the child down?”

“That seems like a child with special needs that has gotten up there and is running around the Mickey face excited,” he continued. “And since the parent doesn’t also want to stomp on Mickey’s face, they are trying to talk the child down. But a lot of you got right on that conclusion bus, and you just drove it right into the wall.”

A PhotoPass Disney Cast Member takes a photo facing the camera in front of Cinderella Castle.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

“Stop jumping to conclusions,” Thomas urged. “My assessment is they need help.”

He recommended Disney Parks fans instead focus their attention on strikes at Disneyland Paris, as European Disney Cast Members fight for better wages and working conditions.

Commenters were split on the issue. Some still felt there was no excuse for climbing into a restricted area.

Cast Members waving down Main Street, U.S.A, at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort
Credit: Disney

“Show art respect! Unbelievable!!” said @belgian_morpher.

“This is why we can’t have nice things…” @hbbooks wrote.

“Exactly! Now that barrier is gotta be so high you can’t see Floral Mickey from street level,” @originaldonald agreed.

But many Disney fans agreed with Thomas and advocated for more understanding towards disabled Guests of all ages.

A female Disney Cast Member holds up a Minnie Mouse plush
Credit: Disney

“As a parent of a special needs (ASD) child, I would hope that he will be seen with as much kindness as you show, and not used as an ‘example’ or as a spectacle for amusement and clout,” @jennielwolfe wrote. “People need to keep children that aren’t their own out of their mouths.”

“As a mom of a special needs now adult, I immediately knew what was happening,” echoed @jenmacecreates. “I want to help that momma.”

“I always try to see the best in everything,” @imgu92_lisa said. “I assume people aren’t being destructive or disrespectful until it’s confirmed they were.”

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