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A cartoon Mickey hand points to a little boy climbing through a topiary at Disneyland Paris.


  1. Sarah

    I am the mom of a special needs child and I say that there’s absolutely no excuse for her to have allowed her child into a restricted area like that. She needs to pay better attention, or have better control, over her child while out in public. I do it with mine and other people do it with theirs. It’s just the way it is.

    1. Trish

      It’s shameful that as a Mom of a special needs child that you couldn’t possibly empathize with this parent and child right now. I’m a mom of 4 children with ASD and I absolutely could see this happening when my boys are bigger and it’s harder to stop them.

    2. Ervin rickard

      Right on

  2. I worked with special needs for 25+years. Yes people are very quick to judge not knowing the situation.
    I’m sure what if any harm he was doing could have been a easy fix. He was just excited and loves Mickey. Thanks for compassionate workers.

    1. Melissa Belk

      I’m sorry that one lady finds it appalling that other children get into the flowers I’m sorry but when you have different children you will have different problems. So, we all require to handle things in different ways. He is not causing any issues. He just flating some flowers. 😂😂 I hope someone was able to help that Momma that day. I have always worked with Children and Parents in the and from Home. It’s better to Love .

      1. Ervin rickard

        Simple solution is to warm their ass a few times to show them the error of not listening and proper behavior

  3. Lea

    I have 3 children one with a confirmed asd diagnosis and myself having anxiety. This has allowed me to empathize with many struggling parents. Every day is an unexpected adventure.

    1. Miaa

      Tuh if it was any other kid the whole internet would be “aww poor mama poor kid somebody help .. yada yada yada” but since its not its all “shame on her she needs to learn control blah blah blah” when half of yall cant even control ya so called “normal” kids .. im side eyeing all of you.. flowers grow back them people gone make money regardless.. somebody should have helped.. i hate some of the people of this planet..

  4. RickTR

    Great. Now we’ll have uncontrolled black kids running through all the flowers.

    1. Mariah

      Maybe try learning what empathy is. This has nothing to do with a child’s ethnicity but everything to do with how they see things. If this child is special needs there’s only so many ways that you can coax them down without triggering a meltdown.

    2. Amy

      Tell me you’re a racist asshole without telling me you’re a racist asshole

    3. J

      Great now we have an ignorant white man in the comments.

  5. Sylvie

    RickTR….Seriously? That’s an ugly, racist, unnecessary comment. You certainly lack empathy and understanding.

    1. Ervin rickard

      He is spot on correct though

  6. Mariah

    I work with kids that are special needs. I know how difficult it can be for them in a world that isn’t built for them. This child probably got really excited to be there and didn’t know how to handle what he was feeling. For all we know, this could’ve been his first time experiencing anything like a trip to Disney and he just got overwhelmed. Now put yourself in his parents shoes. You want your child to be able to do these things but you also don’t want to cause a major meltdown. If he’s on the autism spectrum like I think he might be, he probably hasn’t developed any coping mechanisms to handle things yet.

  7. Gi55

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 it’s always 1. Special needs is special needs. Its not color or race, kids react differently, if it was one of his, I’m sure he would feel differently

  8. The Captain

    Control your crotch goblins people!

  9. Regardless of the situation any child should be watched over by their parent or legal guardian. This child shouldn’t have done what she had done however if the parent/ guardian is not going to keep an eye on their child especially in this situation. I’ve always made sure my kids were right next to me every if they weren’t I knew where they were incase anything happened. Don’t give me that but she’s a special needs child… look the parent knows how their child acts and should have planned or known what to do in this type of situation so nothing would or could happen….. no sympathy given here 🤷‍♀️

  10. P.C.Knott

    Each child, special needs or not, has to be treated in his/her own way. I cannot excuse this child’s behavior regardless. The child climbed up on a wall. No parent supervision to discourage this? Then the child climbed over a fence. Again, where is parental influence? The child then proceeds to run around in an area that is clearly meant to be off-limits. Does this mean we are to excuse this child/parent from obligations if the a similar feat is done inside the park? On an attraction? During a parade or other performance? If a parent struggles with a child, perhaps taking another adult to assist would be a benefit, not only for the safety and well-being of said child, but for other guests as well.

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