Man Falls From Carnival Cruise Ship, Search Now Underway

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Credit: Carnival Cruise

A search is now on for a man who reportedly fell overboard while traveling on a Carnival Cruise Line ship.

Sunshine Carnival Cruise
Credit: Carnival Cruise

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Carnival Cruise Line is now reporting that a man fell overboard and is missing, with a search now underway.

The accident occurred on the Carnival Magic cruise ship specifically as it was returning to its port in Norfolk.

Carnival Cruise Line issued a statement regarding the incident, revealing that the man “was reported missing by his companion late Monday afternoon.” Specific details about the man have not been released, but he is reported to be 35 years old.

Credit: Carnival

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Multiple teams reviewed the Carnival Cruise ship’s security footage, which confirms that the man leaned over the ship’s railing, causing him to fall overboard. The man dropped into the water around 4:10 a.m. Monday morning.

Carnival owns and operates 24 different ships, sailing out of 19 different departure ports since 1972.

According to Carnival, the U.S. Coast Guard released the ship from search and rescue efforts, telling the captain of the Carnival Magic to continue making its way back to port.

Credit: Carnival

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This event follows another shocking incident aboard a Carnival Cruise Line vessel, which Inside the Magic recently reported don. Earlier in May, the Carnival Sunshine got caught in a brutal storm, leaving the ship partially damaged and flooded.

Passengers were trapped aboard the ship as water rushed into several decks. Guests who witnessed the incident described it as a “nightmare.” Tables, chairs, dishes, and cups flew everywhere as the boat was rocked by massive waves. Thankfully, no one was reported injured due to the inclement weather and flooding.

Coast Guard Air and Water are now searching for the man 186 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida.

Stay tuned here at Inside the Magic for further updates and details.

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