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You might not really think about the Park Rules when you go to Walt Disney World. After all, there’s probably nothing surprising in there, right? No firearms, no illegal substances, don’t try to fight the characters, you’ve got it. Those all seem pretty easy to follow.

However, there are a few Walt Disney World rules that get broken way more often than you think. In fact, there are several rules that you may be breaking without even realizing it. Here are some of the most commonly broken Walt Disney World rules, the most surprising ones, and what happens if you get caught!

Prohibited Items

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You’ve probably figured out most items that you can and can’t bring into Walt Disney World. However, there are a few that Guests are surprised they get turned away for. Giant strollers are a big one – stroller wagons and strollers larger than 31″ in width and 52″ in length are not allowed, so make sure you measure before you go. Large bags greater than 24″ long x 15″ wide x 18″ high are also not allowed, nor are hard coolers. Loose ice is also not permitted – use ice packs instead.

Selfie sticks are notoriously banned from the Parks. You also can’t bring plastic balloons or straws into Disney’s Animal Kingdom, so if you bought a balloon at Magic Kingdom the day before, make sure to leave it in your room (unless you’re staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, where they’re also not allowed!).

Foul Language

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Sometimes, while on vacation, something slips out of your mouth that isn’t best for young ears. If it’s quiet, no harm, no foul. But loudly swearing or discussing inappropriate topics on line for an attraction can get you in trouble. Make sure to be mindful of the Guests around you, especially children, when you’re speaking with your party, and save the spicier stuff for your Resort hotel room. Oh, and swearing AT other Guests or Cast Members is a Lightning Lane pass to the Security Office.

Line Cutting & Saving Spots

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Did you know this is against Disney Park rules? While line cutting is generally universally accepted as being against the rules, Disney doesn’t just mean sneaking to the front of a line with your whole group. Disney also counts saving places for the remainder of your party in line as cutting. Usually, if one person steps out of line to go to the bathroom and then rejoins the group, most Guests are courteous and will allow you to pass. However, don’t try to use one person to save a spot for nine, as that can get you in trouble.

Objectionable Clothing & Tattoos

Two dark shirts. One reads "Good sex, no stress, one boo, no ex, small circle, big checks." The other reads "No one needs an AR-15? No one needs a whiny little b*tch either, yet here you are."

While Disney World doesn’t have an INSANELY strict dress code, there are some rules Guests are expected to follow with their outfits. Make sure what you’re wearing isn’t too revealing (Disney isn’t a huge fan of crop tops or low necklines) and doesn’t have any logos, images, or words on it that could be considered offensive. If you’ve got a tattoo that could be considered inappropriate, you may have to cover it with your clothing or with a band-aid. And no, don’t try the viral TikTok hack of getting a “free shirt” by breaking Disney’s dress code – it doesn’t work.

Speaking of clothing, Guests aged 14 and over aren’t allowed to wear costumes in the Park outside of events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. This has popularized “Disneybounding,” or wearing outfits inspired by your favorite characters, but be mindful that your Disneybound isn’t so elaborate that it turns into a costume again!

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