Fan Claims Popular Disney Attraction is “Worst Disney Coaster in Existence”

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Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

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Space Mountain used to be one of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World. An indoor coaster, the attraction takes riders on a wild, spinning roller coaster ride through the dark. The ride also exists in Disneyland but spends part of the year under a Star Wars overlay, called Hyperspace Mountain.

Space Mountain - Disneyland
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In a recent Twitter thread, one user, @TPMvideos, called Space Mountain “one of, if not, the worst Disney coaster in existence.” The majority of the comments agreed, calling it “outdated” and claiming it’s the oldest operating coaster in Florida and has never been updated or refurbished. Other comments called it a “glorified cat and mouse coaster” as it’s a fast ride with several twists along the track.

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The majority of the ride experience comes from being in the dark, unable to predict when the next twist, turn, or drop will be. The ride vehicles are small, with three single seats to a car. The ride also features a series of sharp turns, which ends abruptly before shooting riders straight again. However, Space Mountain is infamous for videos of Guests riding with the lights on, showing just how tight the track is and how close riders are to the support beams during the entire ride.

Space Mountain WDW
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The attraction has a massive cult following, and is still considered one of the most popular rides at Magic Kingdom. The queue is fun and interactive, and the exit queue is likewise entertaining and immersive. While the ride could probably use a refurb, a secondary track, or wider ride vehicles, the fact remains that although this attraction has its weak spots, it’s sure to be around for a while.

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