Marvel Fails to Please Fans, No Super Heroes Returning For MCU’s Crossover Event

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Nick Fury walking through a questionable building in Secret Invasion

Credit: Marvel Studios

Secret Invasion is set to be one of the first MCU crossover events, but recent news confirms there is a reason why the series won’t have super heroes.

Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel Studios has had a lot of character crossover from different franchises to team up in different movies in the past. Doctor Strange showed up in Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) and Thor: Ragnarok (2017), while other super heroes appeared in Captain America: Civil War (2016) as the movie was an unofficial Avengers movie at that point, so when Marvel Studios reveals that Secret Invasion is a crossover event, fans have some expectations.

They expect the same thing to happen in the movies and have several iconic heroes join forces with Nick Fury to stop the Skrulls. In Marvel Comics, it took every super hero working together just to stand a chance against the alien invaders. Secret Invasion won’t include any Avenger or super hero as Samuel L. Jackson shares more information with Vanity Fair about the upcoming series.

Skrulls looking stressed in Captain Marvel
Credit: Marvel

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He shares that fans shouldn’t expect to see any super hero except for War Machine in the series because of one good reason that Fury has not brought them into the fight:

Samuel L. Jackson on why Nick Fury doesn’t call in superheroes in ‘SECRET INVASION’: “So that’s part of the whole dilemma. I mean, people want them and he’s not bringing them…[Why?] You’ll find that out. There’s a very good reason he’s holding back.”

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Fury’s reason for holding them back is still a mystery, but one idea is that Fury is afraid that Skrulls will just infiltrate the Avengers, and having the Earth’s mightiest heroes compromised would be a huge deal. Unfortunately, Fury’s reason not to have the Avengers or any super hero join the fight because he is worried a Skrull might shapeshift into them is a little odd since the comics reveal that no matter what they do, Skrulls find a way into the Avengers and cause chaos.

If Fury doesn’t want super heroes to be compromised and is holding back to avoid that, the former director will need some great reasons as to how he can keep the Skrulls from infiltrating Earth’s mightiest heroes. The other issue is that fans don’t know who is on the Avengers team, as the roster has been up in the air since Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Emilia Clarke's character holding a gun in Secret Invasion
Credit: Marvel Studios

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As one of the first MCU crossover events, Marvel obviously has plans for how it will work, but fans will probably have too high of expectations if super heroes aren’t making an appearance which is a bummer. Secret Invasion is a story that needs super heroes because if a couple of spies can take down the Skrull empire, that’s quite shocking since it took almost every Avenger on the planet to beat them in the comics. The last thing Marvel Studios needs is to disappoint fans again after all the recent quality issues dampening people’s experiences at the movie theaters.

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