‘Joker 2’ Might Be Letting Lady Gaga Create Her Own Version Of Harley Quinn

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Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in 'Joker: Folie à Deux'

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

Todd Phillip’s Joker: Folie à Deux continues to have set leaks and Lady Gaga might be creating her own version of the DC antihero.

Joker 2019
Credit: DC/ Warner Bros.

Joaquin Phoenix may have started the franchise with phenomenal acting as Arthur Fleck in Joker (2019), but the sequel seems to balance the acting between Lady Gaga as Quinn and Phoenix’s Joker. As both of them will be in Arkham Asylum, madness is approaching for both characters.

DC’s Joker 2 is, of course, one of their special projects as it is set in a separate universe, so it won’t be affected by James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy (2025) and won’t have Robert Pattinson’s Batman running in to save the day. Unlike the first movie, the sequel is also reportedly going to have segments that are like a musical, with numbers full of dancing and singing at the asylum.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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Lady Gaga is known first as a singer, and it seems that the movie is a sequel, which would allow Gaga an easier time exploring her character. While fans might not be ready for that, Todd Phillips might be doubling down on this idea, and fans can hear a glimpse of Gaga singing in a new video posted near the set:

lady gaga as harley quinn heard singing on joker 2 set in arkham asylum omg

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One thing to note about the song is that Gaga is singing a portion of Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz’s “That’s Entertainment,” which was first performed in the 1953 musical, The Bandwagon. This is just one of several tidbits we have learned about Gaga’s character, but one thing is clear.

Joker 2 isn’t trying to lean into DC Comics for Gaga’s Harley Quinn, as her costume is similar to other designs with checkered white and a red jacket with some makeup. Still, the movie isn’t trying to make Harley Quinn look anything like her comic counterpart. No white makeup is used, and no comedic jester hat will be worn, so it will be interesting to see how Harley looks right next to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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Arthur Fleck is known for imagining his own reality, which would fit in with the idea of madness that the character will be exploring in the sequel, but fans will have to be patient for a trailer before deciding what to make of the movie. The focus on music and singing might not be what fans wanted in a sequel, but it seems like it’s too early to understand just how different the sequel will be.

Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn remains a mystery as the normal story in DC comics is that Harlene Quinzel, a therapist at Arkham, works with Joker and slowly falls in love with the madman. In Joker 2, Harley might start off as a therapist and stay as one with Joker imagining this love story between them, or  Quinn could be an inmate at Arkham. Either way, the possibilities are endless, but it seems like Joker 2 won’t be relying on the decades of storytelling with Quinn and Fleck, and that’s perfectly fine.

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