Florida Representative Walks Back Demand for Disney Regulation Amidst Public Outcry

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In his ongoing battle with Disney, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has succeeded in splitting the Republican Party, with former colleagues Chris Christie and President Donald Trump criticizing him for his continued actions against the company.

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Now, it seems as though DeSantis has lost another supporter, with State House Representative Spencer Roach walking back previous comments about the company. Last month, the representative Tweeted his support of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District replacing the Reedy Creek Improvement District, stating that “If Disney wants to embrace woke ideology, it seems fitting that they should be regulated by Orange County.”

In retaliation to DeSantis’s actions against Disney, including dismantling their governing board and threatening their business, Disney filed a lawsuit against DeSantis. The lawsuit claims DeSantis has violated Disney’s right to free speech, protected by the First Amendment, which also classifies businesses as people under its protection.

This New Legislation Could Move Disney World to Another State
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However, DeSantis’s decisions have faced public outcry and condemnation, and Rep. Roach has walked back his vocal support of the Governor’s actions. “Companies always push back and find a way to respond to aggressive regulation. I think the governor is right, but I’m not sure at this point that the public is with us, and I would urge the governor to be cautious as he goes on with this fight with Disney.”

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In response to various claims about his focus on this battle, DeSantis has claimed his administration is not “consumed” with the issue of Disney, but he has made consistent remarks and rulings directly aimed at the company, even at the expense of his own state. It’s becoming clear that whether they privately agree with him or not, DeSantis’s colleagues don’t want the attention that the situation has brought or the loss of public support.

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Walt Disney World is one of the biggest taxpayers and employers in the state of Florida, brining in millions of tourists and dollars each year. As the Governor continues to drive against Disney, he’s not only losing support but it’s possible he could lose his entire political career if his actions hurt the state further.

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