Bad Bunny’s ‘Spider-Man’ Spin-off May Be Caught in a Web

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Bad Bunny Spider-Man spin-off movie

When asked in a recent TIME interview, Bad Bunny told reporters that he has yet to start filming his Spider-Man spin-off movie, and from the sounds of it, he doesn’t know when he will.

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For those unfamiliar, Bad Bunny’s  El Último Tour del Mundo Tour was a record-breaking success, bringing in $117 million in ticket sales, and was the highest-grossing tour for a Latin artist in history. Sony hopes to score off that success by putting Bad Bunny in their next Spider-man spin-off. It was announced last year that Bad Bunny would star in a stand-alone El Muerto movie from Marvel Entertainment/Sony Pictures.

El Muerto
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El Muerto is a lucha libre superhero with a magical wrestling mask that grants him the superpowers of his ancestors. In the comics, El Muerto is an anti-hero first hired to take down Spider-Man. Eventually, the two team up together to fight a common enemy. On paper, this premise would make for a solid Spider-Man movie filled with Latin representation. However, much like the other anti-hero films Sony has released based on Spidey villains, Spider-Man will most likely not be featured in this film as well. With masterpieces such as Morbius (2022) and Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) getting low critic scores, fans might already be able to predict how the El Muerto film would perform at the box office.

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Nevertheless, despite their back-to-back disappointments,  Sony is still moving forward with several spin-off projects, including Kraven the Hunter, which will be released later this year. As for El Muerto, the film was set to release in January 2024. Although, Bad Bunny doesn’t seem too confident about that release date.

When asked how filming was going, Bad Bunny appeared to be confused. His publicist chimed in, saying the film was “at a standstill,” then corrected himself  and used the term “in development.” Bad Bunny gave the impression that Sony hasn’t locked him in as the star. The Latino artist jokingly added, “Maybe they’ll switch me out for Pedro Pascal.”

It’s unclear if Bad Bunny has been sworn to secrecy and is forbidden to mention anything about the upcoming movie. However, with the film’s release date being less than a year away and the status still under “development,” it might not look good for the fans hoping to get a solid film from the Sony-verse. Even if shooting begins in a few weeks/months, the CGI might be rushed, and the final product could look just as terrible as the previous spin-offs. Kraven the Hunter (2023) is currently in production, and the film is set to release in October, which seems to have a similar window of time to El Muerto.

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Bad Bunny, who delivered a stellar performance in last year’s Bullet Train, could be the perfect fit for the role, but audiences won’t get to see him dawn the lucha libre mask anytime soon if the film is indeed “at a standstill.”  Even if production starts soon, with Sony’s rush-to-theaters output for their spin-off films, it isn’t a good look for the overall outcome if the project is still set to release by next January.

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