‘X-Men ’97’ Will Feature A Surprising Team Leader

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Cyclops, Jubilee, and Wolverine in 'X-Men: The Animated Series'

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X-Men ’97 might be one of the most anticipated shows that Disney+ is currently cultivating, and now it appears that plot details for the animated continuation are starting to be revealed. Granted, the MCU is still shuffling around its schedule, but we are expected to see this series released on the Disney+ platform sometime this year.

Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch in X-Men: The Animated Series
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With the excitement surrounding the sequel series, showrunner and writer Beau DeMayo has been giving up some crucial plot details about what the series will tackle. X-Men ’97 will pick up where it left off, adding to the age-old debate about empathy toward mutant kind.

According to DeMayo, “Okay, we’re gonna be picking up about several months after Professor X left Earth after being shot by Henry Gyrich and had to return to the Shiar homeworld to be with Lilandra. And what ends up happening is that assassination attempt has led to this wave of increased sympathy towards mutants and understanding.”

This is certainly an interesting take that will happen with the world and the X-Men, and though the animated show might not tie in directly to the MCU, this mutant sentiment could be carried into live-action shows.

Sir Ian McKellen as Magneto in 'X-Men' (2000)
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Even more interesting is that DeMayo also revealed that Magneto would have a “change of heart” and that the supervillain would be leading the team now. The inner dialogue of Magneto is along the lines of “I’m going to try to walk in his footsteps. I’m going to try to be a force of good for mutantkind,’” according to DeMayo.

We are unsure how the X-Men will react now that the world is giving them empathy, but we imagine the villains will use that empathy to destroy the world’s opinion of mutants. DeMayo also revealed that Mr. Sinister would be one of the main villains for the new series, much like he was back in the old 90s cartoon.

Mr. Sinister is a villain that has been oddly left out of the MCU, but his inclusion in the X-Men ’97 reboot might make him one of the top targets for the live-action creators to target for an upcoming series or movie. We would love to see Mr. Sinister appear in live-action.

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X
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So far, the MCU has only introduced Namor and Ms. Marvel as the only live-action mutants, but we imagine that more will be coming soon. Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) also appeared in Doctor Strange 2, though he was killed almost instantly. Still, mutants are slowly making their way into the MCU—finally. Hugh Jackman is set to return too, which everyone is excited about.

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