D23 Announces Real-Life ‘X-Men’ Gala

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Variation covers of the X-Men Hellfire Gala comic series

X-Men fans unite, and prepare to serve the fiercest looks this year.

D23 is the biggest Disney-centric convention, where fans can expect announcements about upcoming Park news, entertainment updates, and more, while celebrating Disney fans young and old. They’re slowly announcing events and panels for this year’s convention, and have just announced something for comic book fans to get excited about.

Mickey and Minnie at the Disney100 Exhibition
Credit: D23

“X-Men: Hellfire Gala” is a comic book storyline first published in 2021. During this time, the mutants have gathered together on the island of Krakoa in an effort to rule themselves and live in peace after decades of tensions and fights with humans. This started the “Krakoan age” of the “X-Men,” which has released a series of related comics during its run.

X-Men cast
Credit: Marvel Studios / 20th Century Studios

“Hellfire Gala” features an evening party attended by non-mutant guests in order to celebrate and appreciate mutant culture. During this event, a new team of X-Men is revealed, and the official D23 description ties into the comic’s events by describing the real event as a way to celebrate mutantkind’s global achievements.


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Attendees are encouraged to dress in their finest “super-powered style,” with cosplay elements highly encouraged. The description plays off the “X-Men” by claiming that “powers are the ultimate accessory,” and referencing a handful of mutants as inspiration for Gala outfits. The event is a tie-in to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the “X-Men” comics and marks the first time the Hellfire Gala will be transformed into a real-life event.

There isn’t much else revealed about the event at this time, with the page encouraging readers to stay tuned and follow D23 on social media for updates and further information. With the Disney100 celebrations happening this year, D23 is sure to have a variety of events and panels fitting the Walt Disney Company’s 100 year anniversary. As more information is revealed, Inside the Magic will be sure to keep you updated.

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