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Universal Orlando fans might have just gotten some major news about Epic Universe.

Opening in 2025, Epic Universe will be the third theme park coming to Universal Orlando Resort. While most of the Park is being kept under wraps, it’s been confirmed that SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will be coming to the Park, as well as rumors of a Wizarding World of Harry Potter addition and an area themed to the Universal classic monsters. Construction has been underway for a while, but a handful of new trademarks for Universal have just been released, revealing some of the possible attractions coming in 2025.

There are five trademarks registered so far, all filed on March 7, 2023. It seems as though they reveal a possible area name, a restaurant, and three possible attractions. While nothing has been officially confirmed by Universal so far, rumors have been rampant about the new Park bringing a focus on the classic monsters. They’ve seen a resurgence during the last few years of Halloween Horror Nights, receiving a different house each year since 2019. The trademark “Dark Universe” seems to have confirmed the name of the monsters area in Epic Universe. “Curse of the Werewolf” seems to be the first confirmed attraction for the area and implies it will focus heavily on the Wolfman. Halloween Horror Nights 2022 featured a house with Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy, so it makes sense that he would get an attraction. A possible rumor for this year’s Horror Nights suggests Dracula will return with the Phantom of the Opera, so it’s possible Dracula may get an attraction of his own at some point.

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“Starfall Racers” could be the possible name of the dueling coaster ride being built in the new Park. With the focus on “racers,” it’s possible that the attraction will feature two tracks launched simultaneously, allowing riders to race against each other on the tracks with a different winner each time. “Constellation Carousel” is clearly a carousel of some sort and is similarly named to Starfall Racers, suggesting they’re in similar sections of the Park. While they don’t seem to have any connection to the monsters, they would fall under the idea of a “Dark Universe,” if that is not, in fact, the name of the monsters area.

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Credit: Alicia Stella (@AliciaStella) Orlando Park Stop

“The Oak & Star Tavern,” while following the naming conventions of the other attractions listed, doesn’t seem indicative of anything specific. While clearly a food service of some sort, it doesn’t imply any sort of focus for possible food offerings and doesn’t give any hint as to what IP it could be themed after.

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Although Curse of the Werewolf seems to confirm that there is a monsters area coming to Epic Universe, the other four names seem related to each other, which means Dark Universe could go either way-it could be the name of the monsters area, or it could be an unrelated area name. The trademarks bring more questions than answers, but it does mean that the Park is moving ahead and fans should be on the lookout for more announcements and speculation coming from the new Park.

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