Popular Halloween Event Needs Adult Only Nights

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Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studio with a bunch of people wearing Halloween costumes.

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aUniversal’s Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most popular events the theme park puts on each year.

Between September and October Guests can experience a terrifying event like no other. With themed haunted houses, scare zones, and live entertainment, this nighttime spectacle is perfect for horror and Halloween lovers. The scares never stop, and the haunts range from IPs to original ideas and range from horrifying to hilariously spooky. It’s currently an event for all ages, but some Guests think it needs a handful of “adult-only” nights.

A creature stares at the camera during Halloween Horror Nights
Credit: @HorrorNightsORL on Twitter

Twitter user @escumealyssa recently shared their opinion that Horror Nights should either be completely 18 and up, or should at least have several 18 or 21 and up nights due to the nature of the event. While it certainly caters to an older audience, including offering themed alcoholic drinks during the duration of the event, anyone with a valid ticket is able to attend the event and walk through the houses-even children.

The pumpkin lord sits on his pumpkin at Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2022
Credit: @HorrorNightsORL on Twitter

The post was met with some opposition, as @tacomeat04 explains that there are tons of teenagers who enjoy attending the event and are passionate about Halloween. There have been some issues in recent years over attendees being disrespectful to employees and scare actors, and it isn’t just teenagers. They go on to explain that there are always adults who act like teenagers and get rowdy or hard to manage when drunk, so it isn’t just an age issue.

Universal Halloween Horror Nights 2023 New Merchandise
Credit: Universal Studios

It would also be difficult to age-check every Guest attending the event, as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people each night. To check every single person would take hours, unless they implement a strict restriction when tickets are purchased. However, making it an adult-only event may make it even worse for employees and other Guests when attendees are already drunk, tired, and antagonistic because there may be more adults in a similar state compared to teenagers or younger Guests. Not only that, but people of all ages can enjoy Halloween and horror, and Halloween Horror Nights is a major event offering several haunted houses and experiences in one set location. Why not let everyone enjoy it?

Do you think Halloween Horror Nights should implement an 18+ policy? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments!

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