‘Percy Jackson’ Series Already Forced to Recast Actor After Mysterious Death

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Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson

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Not everything goes to plan, and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series will be facing a huge problem that will probably split the fandom in half.

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Walker Scobell is Percy Jackson, and as a demigod, fans are excited to see Percy go on adventures with Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, but a critical part of the series is that the heroes meet the Greeks gods on several occasions. Zeus, Poseidon, and even Hades have a role with other gods appearing here or there in the books.

Percy is Poseidon’s son, and since the Titans will play a huge role in the first series, it’s important to note just how pivotal Zeus will be in the series. Sadly, Lance Reddick, who plays Zeus, just passed away.

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According to TMZ, Lance Reddick’s body was found at his studio home early in the morning with no idea what the cause of death was. Law enforcement did tell the news outlet that they don’t suspect foul play as the actor’s death appears to be natural.

Reddick starred in many projects such as The Wire and John Wick and even voiced a lead character in a video game, “Destiny”. His life’s work is more than just acting in movies, and video games, as the actor, was very active in the community and talking to fans.

Lance Reddick as Charon in the John Wick franchise
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His death won’t be easy for a lot of fans, and unfortunately, puts the Percy Jackson series in a tough spot. Do you replace Reddick with a new actor for Season 1, or do you allow the recast to happen in Season 2? Filming for Season 1 was finished back in the summer, meaning that the series would have to do extensive reshoots to replace Reddick.

If they keep his Zeus in for a season, the series will have to work around confusing newer fans as to why Zeus dramatically changes. Already, Percy Jackson made waves by making Zeus black as the greek have always depicted the God of Olympus as white, so it will be very problematic if Disney decides to recast Zeus and chooses a white actor instead.

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Disney and the team working on the series will of course need some time to sort out what to do with the series, but it’s a surprise that leaves many sad that the world couldn’t see more of Reddick. At the very least, fans can be prepared to see his final role as Zeus, hopefully on Disney+ once the series is ready to launch their first season.

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