Rude Guest Returns to Disney, Allegedly Blocks Others From Watching Show

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After going viral online, an unruly Guest has returned to a certain Disney Resort with their very unique personal belongings.

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Though the various Disney Parks and Resorts across the globe are all unique and magical in their own way, one thing’s for sure: Guests will always do their own thing.

In the last few months, Inside the Magic has reported on multiple stories of unruly Guests. Recently, one Guest decided to flash their breasts at other Guests at Walt Disney World while riding Disney’s Skyliner. Another Guest also did the same thing, except this time while actually being inside one of the four Parks at the Walt Disney World Resor.

One Guest caused an entire ride to shutdown at Disneyland Paris. Another example of a Guest throwing caution to the wind emerged recently at the same Resort, with us here at Inside the Magic reporting on this Guest a few weeks ago.

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Now, it seems that the same Guest has returned to cause more trouble at Disneyland Paris. As you can see, this dedicated Guest was determined to get a great shot off of the nightlife at the Park, equipping themselves with a massive, multi-camera rig.

Good. I don’t like to expose but: this guy said to a mother who kindly asked him to lower his cam for his son who couldn’t see anything because of him and the guy replied “I have plenty of screen he can see through” (Translated)

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As you can see, the Guest is equipped with multiple phones, cameras, and other recording devices, all set up on a tripod to live stream. This would not be that big of an issue if the Guest wasn’t also allegedly shushing other Guests and getting in their way.

In this specific example, the Guest apparently told those he was blocking to just watch the show through their cameras. Users on Twitter shared how they felt, with some calling the situation “disrespectful.”

While not against Disney’s rules, it’s still very disappointing a Disney Guest would act like this while in the Parks.

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