Disney’s Rival Completely Bans Strollers From Park

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Totoro at Ghibli Park edit with crossed out stroller

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Strollers appear to be banned from this popular theme park.

Recently, the Disney rival theme park has made news headlines for a spate of “sexual crimes” and inappropriate behavior in the family-friendly Parks, resulting in a mass uproar, and even prompting Government officials to step in. It appears that the newly debuted, controversial Park is experiencing no shortage of public debate and negative attention even after the Government promise to lay down the law after Park representatives refused to comment on the crimes being committed. Now, the newly opened theme park is under intense scrutiny from the general public and parents in particular, after official Park rules appear to prohibit strollers and even umbrellas at the child-friendly park.

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Most are used to The Walt Disney Company and the level of immersive detail maintained at their theme parks like Anaheim, California’s Disneyland Resort, Orlando, Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort, and the associated Magic Kingdom. Even around the globe, places like the Disneyland Paris Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, and the Tokyo Disney Resort are extremely popular and set a high standard. However, Disney are not the only animation company with highly immersive, detailed theme parks out there.

Why are strollers being banned at the controversial new theme park?

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Credit: Studio Ghibli

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The internet is abuzz as the new Studio Ghibli Park is starting to trend once again on social media.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Credit: Studio Ghibli
Called “Japan’s Disney” and based in Koganei, Tokyo, internationally renowned director Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award-winning animation studio, Studio Ghibli has produced many beloved films, including My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989), Princess Mononoke (1997), Spirited Away (2001), Howl’s Moving Castle (2004), to Ponyo (2008), and many more. These movies have essentially revolutionized the animation industry, and created the blueprint for many movies — including those made by Disney themselves, like Pixar’s Luca (2021). Paired with Joe Hisaishi’s expertly composed, emotional music, these animated movies have gained global renown, encompassing gorgeous and uniquely styled visuals, blending worlds of fantasy and the everyday. With this new theme park, visitors are able to visit the same beloved locations as seen in their favorite films. Well — most people, save maybe a particular subsection of young Guests.

Now, the uproar is spreading, as the “Stroller Ban” has recently trended on various social media platforms. Screenshots of the Ghibli Park’s Official Rules and FAQ website pages began circulating, after it was made clear that strollers and umbrellas were both prohibited from the Ghibli Park. User @mugimugi_rr adds:

(translated) Seriously? When I saw the website of Ghibli Park, it was written that strollers and umbrellas were not allowed (umbrellas too!?). However, on the same page, a sentence also says, “Priority is available for those using wheelchairs, strollers, and the elderly,” which doesn’t make sense and is so confusing? I definitely won’t be going for the time being.

Meanwhile, there are others celebrating the rules banning strollers — as it would allegedly remove “selfish parents” from the Park. As @____i____i__ states, those “people with low morals… won’t come”:

When I heard that strollers were prohibited at Ghibli Park, I thought: I would definitely go there 🥺 Strollers prohibited? ! It’s great to think that people with low morals who are complaining about fussy, noisy things like this won’t come. There are too many selfish parents who are given preferential treatment these days and take it for granted.

Other parents have also chimed in, stating that they believe the “problem is solved” if Guests simply opt to use baby carriers instead of strollers, as @kilala_studiok adds — to which other parents disagree, pointing out the fact that this doesn’t work with all kids:

(translated) @kilala_studiok: Are you riled up about the ban on strollers in Ghibli’s large warehouse?
I think anyone who has been there knows that strollers are not allowed in that space.
Because there is a stroller storage area in front, when you go inside, you should go with a baby carrier instead. (I did.)
It’s a mystery why there are people complaining even though it’s solved

(in reply) @Mousse_Anime2: I’m sorry from the outside of FF. Maybe the child gets restless/violent when held, or maybe the child gets tired quickly but it’s hard for them to be held, so they want to use a stroller. In the former case, it might be better to ask a childcare expert to take measures, but in the latter case, it may be better to wait until the child is a little older and has physical strength.

Going to the official FAQ page, it states that visitors to the Park are expected to leave their strollers at the “designated parking area upon entry” — with the caveat that parents and guardians may still use strollers in the surrounding park area outside of Ghibli theme park grounds, the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park. Interestingly, it appears that strollers are still available for rent at certain areas at Ghibli Park:

For visitors with strollers, please leave your stroller in the designated parking area upon entry.
You may use your stroller when walking around Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park. Strollers are available to borrow from North Gate Information Center, West Gate Information Center and Lounge.

This is certainly confusing, and also rather interesting — as it appears that Ghibli Park are able to now charge for use of specific “approved strollers”, if they so desire.

What do you think about this stroller ban at the controversial Ghibli Park? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

The Studio Ghibli theme park called Ghibli Park (not to be confused with the Studio Ghibli Museum), houses five iconic areas – Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, Witch Valley, Mononoke Village, Dondoko Forest, and Youth Hill – all locations based on the Studio Ghibli films, now available for visitors to roam freely. Studio Ghibli fans will love to immerse themselves in every attraction at this new Ghibli Park. The unique park is located at World Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (sometimes Aichi Expo Memorial Park) in Nagakute city near Nagoya, about three hours by train from Tokyo.

Those interested in the new Ghibli Park tickets may purchase and reserve theirs on the Park’s official website.

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