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Totoro at Ghibli Park edit with crossed out stroller

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  1. Joyeve

    Strollers and children under the age of 14 should be banned from nice restaurants
    People spending lots of money on dinner should not have to put up with a loud baby or have to step around a stroller

    1. Heather

      What would you consider a nice restaurant? The Olive Garden? As if parents don’t pay good money and children aren’t people with rights as well.

      Moreover, what does this actually have to do with anything? You’re talking about restaurants and the article is about a theme park, a family oriented one at that.

    2. Laura

      This is crazy!

    3. Christina Garza

      You’re ridiculous, just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean others should be banned to accompany you!! Your selfish!! The world doesn’t revolve around you!!

      1. Jack

        Then the same goes for the left wing mental illness people too. Why should we comply with them because they are screwed up in the head.

        1. Micki

          I just returned from Disney World, and the people with strollers were out of control. Parents were using the strollers to force their way through crowds and running over people’s heels, especially at the crowded entrances and exits. Some just used the strollers to push their junk around and as a battering ram to bash their way through crowds. There were no children in many of the strollers.

    4. C.P.

      You are a moron

    5. Tammy

      Joyeve you are something else. Stay home so we don’t have to deal with your snobby axx.

  2. No Bozos

    I agree with this policy. If your kid doesn’t have the endurance to walk, they shouldn’t be there. My kid has been Disney since he was 3….no stroller. If you want to go, you have to walk….so he does.

    1. 3gee

      Why tho? Just so he’s gets tired quicker and end up restless for the rest of the day?

      Walking and standing in line for hours on end under the sun is tiring as hell at such a young age, it’s not a matter of willpower just of physical limitations

    2. Azzu

      My kid is 8 yrs old. I plan to use the stroller for her when we visit Ghibli Park this May 2023. Why? Because she’s disabled, and can easily get tired and her legs get weak and wobbly after a long walk. She’s a Ghibli die hard fan, and this new rules will make her so sad. Why must a bad rule be implemented for all when it’s just because of a few moron parents 😔

      1. Bon


    3. Melissa McQuay

      So…I shouldn’t be allowed to go because I can’t walk the park? I’m 42 and for long distances I need a wheelchair or scooter.

  3. Disney Fan

    Strollers aren’t the problem. It’s when people leave their strollers outside rides or restaurants. If there was a way strollers could be made to fit together like a shopping cart, and then kept in a stroller corral out of the walkways, it would solve a big problem. If you need a stroller, rent one, use it, need to park it to see a Princess, take it to the nearest cart corral, give it to the friendly attendant. When you’re ready to move on, visit the cart corral, show your stroller card, get a stroller.

  4. Laura

    Kids needing a stroller, are too little to even enjoy the park. Just wait until they’re able to actually appreciate the experience and remember it.

  5. Daisy

    What about kids with disabilities that have to be in a stroller are you going to ban them from parks?

    1. Jan K.

      The article stated they are giving access to disabled and elderly. Most kids big enough to like the park would be in wheelchairs instead of strollers.

    2. Bon

      Put them in a wheelchair

  6. phillysub1

    Nothing like identifying the new park until the 4th paragraph!

  7. Bon

    Put them in a wheelchair where they will get disabled treatment

  8. Tela

    Reading this was painful. It felt like it was written by a bot.

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