Disney World Monorail Up For Grabs In Auction

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Disney World Monorail

Credit: Disney

The Monorail system debuted at Disneyland in 1959, blowing the minds of Guests who visited the Park in its early years. The Monorail was so successful that in 1971, Disney World featured its very own Mark IV Monorail on opening day. To this day, it is still one of the most popular ways to get around the parks.

disneyland monorail
Credit: Disney

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And now, almost fifty years later, you have a chance to drop off your kids at school in the very same Monorail from Disney World. Of course, you’ll have to figure out how to get it to run once you’re finished purchasing it at auction.

Heritage Auctions, an auction house located in Los Angeles, California, is putting on yet another Disney-themed auction on March 25th and 26th. This time, bidders will have a chance to buy a full-size passenger car from an old Mark IV Disney Monorail, an authentic Western stagecoach,  a restored Autopia car, and much more.

Disney World Monorail
Credit: Heritage Auction

The collection comes from long-time artists of the Walt Disney Company,  Jody Dailey and Kevin Kidney. Dailey and Kidney were able to grow their collection over the years due to the fact that they helped design a lot of the art for the company. Jody Dailey is even auctioning off original drawings of beloved Disney characters and original concept paintings.

You can also bid for dozens of Disney Park signage, display pieces, and props. Not to mention the famous Dopey ride car from the former Snow White’s Scary Adventures attraction.

Dope Ride Car Snow White
Credit: Lakeland Antique Mall

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The auction house won’t just have iconic pieces from Disney World and Disneyland, but it will also have a wide selection of other Disney memorabilia that fans have long desired.

If you were a kid who went to your local Disney Store at the mall in the 90s or the parents of those kids, this auction also has something extraordinary for you. Remember the statute figures of Disney characters that were displayed around the store? Well, a few of those figures will also be featured at auction. You will be able to bring a piece of that 90s nostalgia back home with you.

Disney Store 90s
Credit: Disney

Currently, collectors are already bidding on several of these items from the online auction featured on Heritage’s website. But the bids are very low since the news is just getting around. Items are as cheap as one dollar, and a handful are even zero at the moment.  So if you aren’t able to attend the live auction in Beverly Hills later this month, you can start placing your bids now.

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Although the bids are low now, it’s hard to predict how much some of these rare and exclusive items will go for. They truly are a piece of Disney Parks history, and it’s hard to put a dollar amount on that. But for those who are curious, the Monorail passenger car is only at $1,115… for now.

Many would consider these relics from a long time ago, and it’s interesting to see some of these items going to auction. It makes you wonder, what Disney artifact will be sold in the future? Perhaps one day, there may even be parts of the old Splash Mountain attraction that could end up in a similar situation. We imagine the Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear animatronics would cause quite the bidding war. Certainly someone would love to add pieces of that historical ride to their collection.

Which Disney Park attraction would you have in your backyard if you could bid for it in auction? Let Inside The Magic know in the comments below. 

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