Disneyland Autopia Accident Leaves Ride Vehicles Damaged, Derailed

in Disneyland Resort


Credit: @matterhorn_matt9

While the Disney Parks have a long and legendary history, this also means that the Parks and Resorts have encountered their fair share of issues, breakdowns, and incidents.

Most notably, we have recently seen several Splash Mountain logs sink unexplainable at Walt Disney World. Also, at Walt Disney World, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, EPCOT’s newest thrill ride, has seen several issues since opening. Disney runs a tight “ship,” but with Parks as massive and expansive as Disneyland and Walt Disney World, accidents are bound to happen.

However, it’s not every day you see something like what happened at the Southern California Resort recently.

Credit: Disney

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Autopia is the only existing Tomorrowland attraction dating back to Disneyland Park’s opening day in 1955. When the cars first took to the road, they captured America’s fascination with the latest transportation innovation, the “freeway.”

Over the years, the roadways and car styles have been updated, but the fun stays the same. Autopia is a fully-interactive experience that lets Guests of most ages drive actual, “souped-up coupes.” This attraction is fun but quite tame in today’s standards. Regardless, the ride remains popular with Disneyland Guests to this very day.

Credit: Disney

However, despite the fact that these cars barely go over 5 miles per hour, an Instagram post shocked the Disney Park community after revealing an entire car derailed at Disneyland’s Autopia. The photos below were shared by @matterhorn_matt9:

Credit: matterhorn_matt9

In this photo, you can see the derailed vehicle, which somehow made its way on top of the concrete divider.

Credit: matterhorn_matt9
Credit: matterhorn_matt9

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The caption to the post reads:


I have no clue how they even did it, but I couldn’t get around so got stuck😐 the CMs were dumbfounded by how this even happened and same here

As stated in the Instagram post, we are unsure when or how this accident actually occurred. While breakdowns are common, something like his is incredibly rare and truly is a shocking sight for any Disney Park fan. Disneyland has not made an official statement regarding the incident.

Have you ever witnessed an accident like this at Disney?

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