Disney World’s Iconic Tiny Train Derails at Park

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An iconic and tiny piece of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, encountered technical difficulties.

snow white by wishing well at EPCOT Germany pavilion
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When Guests visit the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, there are certain things they expect to see. The main thing Guests visit for is the rides. From Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom to DINOSAUR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Guests are in for a wild time.

Guests can also expect to find some incredible theming. Pandora – The World of Avatar is by far one of Disney’s most impressive and immersive areas to explore. Guests can get lost in the jaw-dropping ambiance and attractions in this land based on James Cameron’s mega-successful Avatar franchise.

However, for many Guests, the “Disney magic” is found in the little details, which is where EPCOT really shines.

Performers in front of Spaceship Earth
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At EPCOT, Guests will find thrilling rides as well as educational attractions, along with an incredible collection of bite-size countries at World Showcase. In World Showcase, Guests will find multiple countries and cultures.

In the Germany Pavilion, Guests have come to adore the model village found within. An entire village comes alive, complete with a model train that runs through this tiny German town. One of the coolest things about the pavilion is the fact that it does have a nod to Walt. As we know, Walt loved trains, and there is a mini train set available for Guests to look at, located in a miniature town.

Unfortunately, this train experienced some difficulties recently, resulting in part of it completely derailing. A photo went viral on the Walt Disney World subreddit showing one of EPCOCheck it out below:

Yet another train derailment that the media won’t cover. from WaltDisneyWorld

Disney often updates this village, giving Guests something new to see. In the past, we’ve seen Disney give the train a “vandalized” look, complete with spray paint on the train cars. However, we doubt Disney would pull something like this, especially when considering the recent train derailments that have happened in real life.

In Germany, Guests are able to see a lot as well as eat a lot. From the Werthers caramel popcorn that literally hypnotizes Guests with its alluring smell to the amazing eats at Biergarten, it is easy to want to buy everything in the pavilion.

What’s your favorite country to visit at EPCOT? Stay tuned here at Inside the Magic for more Disney news stories and entertainment!

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