Disney Files Permit For Cinderella Castle Construction

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Disney is getting ready to do some work on its iconic Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom. What could it mean?

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As Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration comes to a close, Disney is wasting no time getting the Resort ready to go back to normal operations. We saw this with the removal of limited-time merchandise and decorations over the last few months. Disney also ended one of the new 50th anniversary shows recently, giving Guests no warning as to when it would officially close.

Now, it looks like the final steps are being taken in order to get the Park back to where they were before this celebration started, with Disney gearing up for construction on Cinderella Castle.

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Credit: Disney

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Inside the Magic discovered a new permit filed by Coastal Steel construction, which details work being planned for Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom. This permit is for “general construction,” so it’s hard to say exactly what will be happening, but it’s safe to assume this permit is for the removal of the 50th-anniversary decorations.

The Walt Disney Company is currently celebrating its 100-year anniversary, with the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, bringing out some limited-time fun for this celebration. It’s safe to assume Walt Disney World will be adding some fun to its Resort, too, meaning this permit may have to do with this anniversary.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is also about to welcome a brand new attraction, with TRON Lightcycle/Run opening this April. This new roller coaster looks like a promising addition to the Walt Disney World Resort, and we are super excited to finally be able to experience it after so many years.

Did you visit Walt Disney World during its 50th Anniversary?

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