Disney+ Series Lands ‘Game Of Thrones’ Producer

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Bryan Cogman

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The success of Game Of Thrones took HBO to a whole new level, maybe even defining the network, right before the big streaming boom began back in 2011. Since then, the epic tale from the mind of American novelist  George R. R. Martin has dominated almost every list of best shows from the 21st century. Now imagine if Disney+ could have some of that magic too.

Game of Thrones
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It could be very possible for Disney+ to have another hit on their hands with GOT-level quality in their upcoming original series, Zorro.

Per Deadline, it was announced that Bryan Cogman will be the showrunner and executive producer for the action series that will also star Wilmer Valderrama. Cogman has an impressive resume, seeing how he has won four Emmys for his work on Game Of Thrones.  More impressive is that Cogman has only worked on one show, starting off as a writer for GOT in its first season and eventually becoming co-executive producer for the HBO series. Cogman was also the consulting producer on Amazon’s Rings of Power (2022).

Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Cast image and title card
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As a showrunner, Cogman will have full creative and management authority over the series, much like how Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have full creative control of The Mandalorian.

Disney has already shared their plans for where the story of Zorro will go in the modern adaptation of the beloved 1957’s ABC series Zorro.  It will once again follow Diego De La Vega, as he encounters a “system of injustice and corruption” in El Pueblo de Los Angeles. Diego De La Vega will be inspired to adopt the identity of Zorro, a masked vigilante. If the reboot plans on taking place during the same time as the original, the events will most likely be portrayed in the early 19th century.

Zorro from ABC
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While reboots tend to be a common trend these days, this is a story that has already been retold several times. It is, after all, based on a novel written over one hundred years ago. Zorro has been a radio drama, a television series, and has even had success in the box office with the film adaptation starring Antonio Banderas. The latter of which featured Anthony Hopkins as the titular character in an arguably “brown face” portrayal.

Antonio Banderas as Zorro
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Nevertheless,  Cogman and Disney+ are ready to bring the story of the masked hero back for the modern day audience. With his noteworthy past experience, Disney also signed on Cogman last year to write the script for the upcoming live-action adaptation of their classic animated film, The Sword in the Stone (1963).

That reboot project has no release date yet, but Disney must be happy with Cogman so far since they are now trusting him to be the showrunner for the upcoming Zorro series. But with a solid record from the GOT alum, how could they not? Perhaps Zorro could potentially be the next Game Of Thrones. However, it seems highly unlikely that the Disney series will allow as much violence and nudity as HBO did for GOT. But only time will tell.

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