Disney Cast Member Is “Unhinged” In Viral Video

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Monkey animatronics take over a white boat on the Jungle Cruise.

Credit: Disney

At least, that was what a few Guests experienced during their day at the Parks.

At the Disney Parks, there are a handful of rides where Cast Members “spiel,” or talk, to Guests. At Disneyland an example would be Storybook Land Canal Boats. At Walt Disney World there’s Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom. However, both Parks have Jungle Cruise, a riverboat ride that takes Guests through the jungle Amazon and into the African Congo. The Skippers on the ride are well known for their corny jokes (“the eighth wonder of the world-the backside of water!”) and their sarcastic commentary. However, one Skipper took it further on a recent boat ride.

In a now-viral video posted to TikTok, @shane.barton captures a Cast Member’s “increasingly unhinged” spiel.


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♬ Unhinged Skipper – Shane Barton

The video starts as the boat goes through the elephant bathing scene of the ride, with the Skipper saying, “I’ll never forget the last time I saw this many people showering together. College was a crazy time.” He follows it with a joke about the Bengal tiger being the only predator scarier than Leonardo DiCaprio. As they approach the gorilla encampment, he jokes, “if you look to your left, you’ll see an idiot with a gun. There must be a Trump rally nearby.” And the final comment in the video, “no jokes here, that’s just a beautiful g**d*** duck.”

Comments under the video were mostly positive, with several users joking that it must have been the Skipper’s last day. One comment states that this is the reason why Disney should implement an “adult hour,” where rides and shows are geared more towards adults.

Jungle Cruise
Credit: Disney

“The gen z tour guides are GOLD,” one user commented. “Dude got possessed by the spirit of Robin Williams,” was a sentiment shared among several comments.

While the level of sarcasm and monotone delivery is on par with a typical Skipper’s monologue, a handful of comments did point out that the audio was faked, stating that Disney would never allow a Cast Member to make that kind of commentary. “God I wish this was real,” said one user.

jungle cruise
Credit: Disney

When riding Jungle Cruise, be prepared for a series of jokes and comments slightly more “adult” than your usual ride, but don’t expect to hear anything quite this unhinged.

Do you think Disney should implement an “adult hour,” geared towards adult humor? Let ITM know in the comments below!

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