Disney Needs to Address Its Major Attraction Problem

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Walt Disney World has been hard at work lately creating new rides in all four of their Parks.

The most recent ride is TRON Lightcycle / Run, which will open to Guests officially on April 4, 2023. This ride is the most recent to implement a virtual queue system and is just the latest in a long line of major attractions that Disney has built, also called “E-ticket rides,” or attractions that would have required the highest and most expensive ticket to ride.

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Some of these modern E-ticket attractions include Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and now TRON. However, concept art for EPCOT’s canceled Mary Poppins ride was recently leaked, showing that the ride would’ve been an indoor teacup-style ride. While the concept has drawn mixed reactions from fans, it has brought one criticism to the forefront. Many of the comments surrounding the Mary Poppins ride idea state that Disney needs fewer big E-ticket attractions, and needs to incorporate more small, indoor, and large-capacity rides.

There have been calls for more “people eater” rides lately, rides that have longer queues, higher rider capacity, and a longer ride time. Suggestions for more omni-movers, boat rides, dark rides, and flat rides specifically have also been made. As higher ticket prices aren’t slowing down the amount of crowds at the Disney Parks, there aren’t enough of these rides anymore to help thin out the sizes of the crowds, especially as the virtual queue system has become so popular with Disney, eliminating wait times for popular attractions that would’ve helped control that problem.

Tron Lightcycle Power Run ride vehicles at Shanghai Disney Resort
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Although virtual queuing is great for Guests, Disney needs another method of keeping them entertained while simultaneously cutting down on crowds and offering more family friendly rides. While the idea of a spinning tea cup style ride at a Park known for serving alcohol might not be the best idea, EPCOT and the other Disney Parks would certainly benefit from more variety, including longer indoor attractions that can hold a lot of people at once.

Do you think Disney needs more of these rights or should they continue to offer bigger E-Ticket attractions? Let Inside the Magic know down below!

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