Dave Filoni Resurrects Iconic ‘Clone Wars’ Story In A Horrifying Way

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Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker looking at the Zillo Beast

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Dave Filoni knows how to please Star Wars fans, and the recent episode of The Bad Batch brings back an iconic Clone Wars story that no fan expected to make a dashing return.

Clone Commandos escorting Lama Su to Mount Tantiss
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With The Mandalorian debuting now at the same time as The Bad Batch, it’s easy to forget that the animated series is still running. Dee Bradley Baker is still going strong as the voice for all clones, and with Clone Force 99, there’s also something for the voice actor to do with Lucasfilm.

The Bad Batch: Episode 10, “Metamorphosis,” is a chilling episode as it brings back Mount Tantiss and reveals what is truly happening at the facility. One vessel crashes, and the “asset” on the ship is a top priority for Doctor Hemlock — the Empire’s new point person for the research initiative.

Zillo Beast as a baby in The Bad Batch
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As the episodes continue, fans see that the crashed ship has a cloned version of the Zillo beast, the massive creature that assaulted Coruscant in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This creature killed all of the research crew, and Clone Force 99 is trapped with the creature until the Empire shows up.

In the end, the Zillo beast is taken back to Mount Tantiss, and Clone Force 99 escapes, but the research for the Zillo beast needs Tala Se, one of the chief Kaminoan scientists, and it seems that Omega might return as the Empire’s chief target. When The Clone Wars had the Zillo beast brought to Coruscant, Palpatine revealed that he wanted the beast cloned.

The Zillo Beast Strikes Back Star Wars The Clone Wars
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If the Clone Wars continued, fans would’ve seen the Zillo Beast again, as the cloning process would’ve led to the creature escaping once again. This, unfortunately, didn’t make it into another episode. Dave Filoni has taken the ideas and brought them into Bad Batch, where the Empire is obviously up to something that isn’t good, and now Clone Force 99 will have to figure out what is happening.

As the season continues, the Empire will continue to have a more significant presence, so fans should be ready for darker twists to be revealed as the Kaminoans and Clones appear to have a larger role for the rest of the season. Fans have been wanting a clone uprising with clones such as Rex and Cody leading the charge, and it would be a great moment and explanation for why the clones aren’t in the ranks anymore.

Do you think the Zillo Beast will return in The Bad Batch? Do you like Dave Filoni bringing Clone Wars stories into Season 2? 

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