Chris Rock Exposes Disney’s Illuminati Package

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Chris Rock At Disney World

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Disney has always offered extra benefits in the parks for the rich and famous. There are private tours that allow front-of-the-line access, special entries into Walt’s Apartment, and of course, the ever-desirable (and very exclusive) Club 33.

Location of Club 33
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But this past weekend, comedian Chris Rock exposed Disney’s ultra-rich “package” in his latest Netflix Special Selective Outrage (2023), which sounds like quite the party.  

Saturday night was a very special night for the streaming powerhouse, Netflix, and Chris Rock. It was the first time ever that the streaming service debuted a live comedy special event. And while everyone seems to be talking about the comedian’s response to last year’s Oscars, where he was slapped in the face by actor Will Smith on national television, there was more to the special than just the last few minutes where the comedian unapologetically fires back at the live-action Aladdin (2019) star. 

Chris Rock (left) and Will Smith (right)
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A good portion of his special was dedicated to his daughters growing up rich and spoiled. In the bit, Rock mentioned how he loves taking his daughters to the Disney Parks. He exclaims how much he enjoys going to Disney, letting his audience know that he’s a fan. But, since he’s a famous comedian, Rock’s family doesn’t get the regular treatment at the Parks.

Chris Rock At Disney
Credit: Disney

“I used to take my daughters to Disney a lot, I used to take them to Disney all the time. But I ain’t take them like normal people. No, we went on the Illuminati package,” declared Rock.  

That’s right, the Illuminati package. Rock isn’t referring to the MCU’S Illuminati team of superheroes, he’s referring to the secret society that runs Hollywood.  

In the special, Rock adds, “We wasn’t waiting in line to meet the characters like everybody else. No, we’re backstage chilling with the characters.” He jokingly elaborates on this package by expressing that certain characters partake in drug use backstage and some even perform suggestive acts. 

Chris Rock on stage for new Netflix special
Credit: Netflix

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Rock also compared his current Disney experience to when he was poor and went to Disney World as a kid. He humorously shares the story of taking a two-day bus ride just to get stay at a motel in Alabama before the seven-hour drive to Disney World. According to him, the vibrating mattresses that ran on quarters in the motel room counted as “rides.” 

Chris Rock goes in on multiple subjects in his new special, including Will Smith, but he did not leave out how Goofy and Minnie Mouse get down backstage when you pay them enough. 

Do you think Guests who pay top-dollar experience Illuminati level access backstage? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments! 

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