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Walt Disney designed his Parks to be the place where families could have fun and spend time together, but he also intended them to be places where Disney Adults (“oldsters” as Walt called them) could let their inner child out to play. That latter portion might sound a bit unusual to some, but Disney might have more beneficial qualities than you think.

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The healing qualities of the Disney Parks has been discussed before, but a common train of thought points to how Disney is healing Guests’ “inner child.” Visiting places like Walt Disney World is far from the effectiveness of actual therapy, but some Guests surprisingly agree with this theory.

The Psychology of Disney Adults

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Disney Adults have been getting a bad rep for a long time, but there might be a comprehensible explanation for the recent influx of adult Guests flooding and flocking to the Parks. For many, Disney is more than just a brand or the company behind Mickey Mouse. It’s an escape to a magical place they knew as children they can revisit with grownup eyes.

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A recent Reddit thread on r/WaltDisneyWorld had adult Guests sharing their connection to Disney, the characters, the Parks, and so on, and how it has helped benefit their mental health. While Disney definitely has its perks, it bares repeating that a fun vacation is no substitute for actual mental health aid. That being said, there’s certainly merit in letting your inner child out to play.

A Place Lost in Time

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A big factor of visiting any Disney Park is how dedicated the company is to keeping Guests in their mindset. Once you pass the gates, you’re in Disney’s domain. Some refer to this phenomenon as the “Disney Bubble” but few seem to realize how much of an effect Disney’s spell has on them.

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u/2barncoffee describes this mental and emotional environment when they write,

I love being in WDW. It was the best and most magical week of my childhood. I still feel the same way there. We did well, and were able to bring our child a few times, and for a while, yearly. Since then, the wife and I still go by ourselves. Yes, we’re Disney adults, but not the annoying kind I hope.

And u/chunkycatt offers a similar statement when they add,

“As someone who was always too poor to ever afford a Disney trip, I can say that I feel like I am making up for lost time… I can see how people say “healing your inner child” because it’s an escape from responsibility and when you enter the Disney bubble, all stress just melts away.”

A Safe Space of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy

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While mainly referring to the Parks, Disney itself is indeed a sort of safe space for many fans. There’s a reason they’re often referred to as the happiest places on earth, and both Disney Adults and adult Guests who love Disney can agree that returning to that enchanted place does provide a blissful escape.
u/hiddenmoon131313 says it best when they write,
“WDW is a magical place in so many ways where you can really feel carefree and like you’re immersed in an alternate universe. If this brings you joy and healing and lifts your heart, then you do you and enjoy every moment of it. WDW is a special place and if you want to go and spend the week feeling like a kid at heart, you should.”
Disney has been a part of most people’s lives from a very early age. In fact, it might be the very first brand we recognize likely from infancy. The fact that images of Mickey, enchanted castles, rollercoasters, and Dole Whips are still such a big draw to so many people is all perfectly rational when you consider how permanently ingrained on our hearts and minds Disney has become.
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