Trapped Guests Create Chaos in Universal, Safety a Major Concern

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This new land has a few problems.

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It feels like we’re in the age of Universal Studios. With so many new additions coming to the suite of Parks, Universal really feels like it’s ahead of the curve when compared to its competitors, such as Six Flags and, of course, Disney.

Universal is currently constructing its massive addition in Florida, known as Epic Universe. This new Park will feature dozens of new experiences, most notably bringing in an East Coast version of SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

This Mario-themed land first opened at Universal Studios Japan and has slowly made its way into American Parks, first with Universal Studios Hollywood. The land is currently undergoing previews and officially opens in California on February 17. Unfortunately, things haven’t been entirely smooth during previews.

Mario, Princess Peach, and Luigi at Super Nintendo World
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Over the last few weeks, select Guests have finally been able to experience SUPER NINTENDO WORLD at Universal Studios Hollywood, with almost nothing but praise coming out regarding the new land. SUPER NINTENDO WORLD first opened in Japan a few years back and has been a slam dunk for both fans of Mario as well as theme park enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, there’s one glaring issue that is yet to be fixed: crowds. The land was evacuated a few weeks ago due to a fire alarm, pushing all Guests into the center of the somewhat small hub area. This caused Guests to be closer together than they probably should have been, resulting in a rather hectic situation.

Mario and Luigi plushes at the 1-up factory store in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood
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This happened again recently, causing the same backup that it did weeks ago. You can see a few photos of the hectic situation down below:

The whole land had to be exited out of a single tube and it was mass crowding and the alarms were blaring throughout the land and none of the TMs knew what was going on or what to do. I don’t normally get anxiety like this but I don’t even know if I wanna go back in if we can.

They are trying to evac the whole land but suddenly people are coming back in?? This is a mess

People keep walking into the exit of this activity since there’s no indication that it is an exit

Wow everywhere I walk I feel like there’s endless lines cutting through the walkpaths for all the activities and characters. It doesn’t feel organized at all 

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Hopefully, Universal can solve this issue somehow, keeping the new land from feeling overcrowded. Of course, an evacuation of the entire land should hopefully be rare, but many reports from Guest claimed that the procedure felt unsafe, very claustrophobic, and overall “terrifying.” Others called the whole ordeal a “major safety concern,” and we have to agree.

There were reports that other emergency exits exist, but we are not sure why they were not used during this specific procedure.

Will you be visiting SUPER NINTENDO WORLD when it officially opens? What about Epic Universe?

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