‘Rogers’ Could Be Just The Beginning

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Rogers: The Musical from Marvel's 'Hawkeye' on Disney Plus

Credit: Marvel Studios

If you’ve been keeping up with Disney’s announcements lately, you’ll know that the Steve-Rogers-inspired musical seen in Disney+’s Hawkeye series is getting an actual stage adaptation for Disney’s California Adventure. This one act musical might be a limited time engagement, but what if it’s actually a sampling of something bigger yet to come?

As seen in the tweet above, the teaser trailer for Disneyland’s upcoming production is already getting some eager responses from the fans. However, some are questioning whether a cheesy musical adaptation of a fictional cheesy musical adaptation of The Avengers has any real potential. A reasonable question, and easily a more comedic take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but there might be a method in this madness.

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Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure is where Disney Park Guests can mix and mingle with Marvel’s best and brightest, but the superheroes themselves don’t get to see much action apart from the Meet and Greets and web-swinging Spider-Man. “Rogers” might not be just a cheesy stage show, but the appetizer for an upcoming main event.

Marvel has done stage shows before, as demonstrated in the video above, but a Disney-fueled adaptation would be something leaps and bounds beyond an over-the-top stunt show. If Disney Imagineering is willing to pull out all the stops and give the production a huge budget with special effects to match, they could be looking at a massive crowd-eating attraction in their future.

“Rogers” might have something of a fan following, but it also might come with something of a lifespan. Sometimes a fanbase can be fickle, and some might find that there’s only so many times they can hear Captain America belt out musical numbers. That only makes it all the more likely that Disney is doing this to warm crowds up for something big.

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We’re not saying that Marvel doesn’t lend itself over to a full-fledged musical adaptation, just listen to the album for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, but a more action-packed display is far more in character for the franchise. Will we get a full-on Avengers-level battle coming to the streets of DCA? We’ll have to see what happens before, during, and after “Rogers.”

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