Internet Bullies Mother Over Child’s Disney World Costume, “Your Kid Isn’t Special”

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Left: Happy, one of the 7 Dwarves, hugs a young Guest in a green tee shirt. Right: Cinderella Castle lit up at dusk.

At Walt Disney World Resort, the young and the young-at-heart can be immersed in magic and childlike wonder. Even for just a day, Guests can get lost in the lands of their favorite stories!

One young Magic Kingdom Guest recently made the memory of a lifetime when he wore a shirt inspired by his favorite character, Happy, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). While watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade, the little boy waved at Happy. Just when he and his mom thought Happy hadn’t noticed the boy’s green tee shirt, something magical happened:


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Happy ran over to embrace the little boy in the biggest hug! Guests around them cheered. The video of the magical moment received over a hundred thousand likes on TikTok.

But unfortunately, not all reactions were positive. Some mocked the mother and the little boy for hoping Happy would notice him because of a tee shirt.

“Lady a million people a day come dressed as characters and your kid isn’t special,” @tisha_1203 wrote in a comment that received dozens of likes.

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“He doesn’t match the doll…” said @daniellerdz_. “How does he know It was him? ”Dozens of other hateful comments appeared but were later deleted.

But the boy’s mother, Dani, had the perfect response for social media haters:


Replying to @tisha_1203 you either are a Disney mom or you’re not. 🤣 my kid “dressed as” Incredibles in April before character interactions were back and them noticing my kids and coming over and holding their hands and blowing them kisses were the highlight of our trip in April. magic happens but you have to look for it. I cried so much from this interaction because it meant so much to my heart to see my boys feel recognized by superheroes. these moments truly are everything. #benice #disney #disneymagic #disneyparks #magickingdom #fyp #foryou

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“To those of you who said that my child is not special and they did not dress up as the character, to those two little boys right there, when they’re wearing a shirt of their favorite character, they are dressed up as them,” Dani said. “They feel the magic when they get noticed by that character. In that one second where they had their hand held or a hug, it felt so real to them.”

Even Happy’s “friend,” a Disney Entertainment Cast Member, spoke out about the viral video. “I can confidently say that you made Happy’s day! Happy was THRILLED to see a fan!” they wrote.

Have your kids worn costumes to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort? Share your favorite memories with Inside the Magic in the comments.

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