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Te Fiti at EPCOT's Journey of Water Inspired by 'Moana'

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Nighttime Spectaculars are an essential to many Disney trips. They are the punctuation marks on days filled with magic and excitement for thousands of  Disney Park Guests, but some tend to perform better than others. While it’s hard to top Wishes, Happily Ever After, and Fantasmic!, there’s one that seems to be particularly disliked by many fans.

EPCOT Harmonious
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Harmonious began its evening showings in February of 2021 and is set to finally close this April. Known for its pyrotechnics and massive barges, the show’s framework is still constantly visible in the World Showcase Lagoon. While still a somewhat newer production, a majority of fans have found the show lacking compared to EPCOT’s previous spectaculars.

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Harmonious has had mixed reviews from the start, and the gigantic watercraft that carries its massive hunks of machinery has been labled an eyesore by many Guests. However, the spectacular might have more fans than some might think.

A fan shared their controversial take on the EPCOT attraction in a recent post, and many likeminded Disney fans were quick to offer their support. It might be the case that Harmonious really isn’t as detested as much of the fandom has led us to believe.

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u/throwawayacct420694 begins the discussion with their original post. While the EPCOT spectacular doesn’t have the most fans in the world, the user brings up a convincing argument.

“I really do wish that they would have done a better job with the barges and sight lines, but the overall music, pacing and firework elements are spectacular. The barges provide unexpected launch points, and the show had our friends in complete “awe” the entire time. Although I get why people miss illuminations, I feel that harmonious is a better show in almost every element, and I feel that people are a tad to attached to old Disney.”

The user’s last point is one that has been consistently relevant in recent reports, as Disney fans seem to be clinging harder and harder to their nostalgia.

Another user brings up the technological achievement Harmonious was during it’s original debut. In spite of the giant barges, the show did offer some unique displays, visuals, and compositions. It definitely wasn’t perfect, but it had some strong elements.

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u/MuseratoPC adds,

“It’s technically beautiful, I was pleasantly surprised by it after seeing so many negative comments. But the problems with it are strong…”


“The music composition is flawless and the songs are wonderful, extra points for the multi language track. However, it’s just a disjointed medley of Disney greatest hits, it lacks feeling and story. This is the same problem with Enchantment at MK; this did not happen with Wishes, HEA, or IllumiNations.”

Food and Beverage
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For all of Harmonious’s flaws, it did have a solid framework and concept. The idea of unity of the nations is exactly what EPCOT’s World Showcase represents, and u/Go_gurt_ supports that idea when they write,

“Will chime in that I totally agree. I think the concept is beautiful, music is an international language and brings the world together. I wish it was narrated a bit more and the barges less of an eye sore during the day but the show itself is great!”

Most EPCOT fans will obviously miss Illuminations, and they’re not wrong for putting it on a pedestal. However, the responses defending Horizons are enough to make some wonder how much of its hate is logically due to its flaws and how much is just a mob mentality?

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